February 19, 2013

Pajama Day

So this is still going on:

And this is the face of absolute exhaustion.

Exhaustion and, apparently, really awkward hands...

But, today, I'd like to talk about an issue near and dear to my heart.  Something I'm extremely passionate about. Something I am wholly against as an educator.

"Pajama Day".

Boots: Steve Madden // Skirt: From the Base Exchange  // Shirt: Gap
It never fails.  Each and every year, my class asks me if we can do a "pajama and movie party and we can, like, bring pillows and EVERYTHING!".

My repsonse: Um. No.  School is YOUR job.  Teaching school is MY job.  We do not wear our pajamas to our jobs.  Can you think of a job in which you wear pajamas to work? No, you can't. I am preparing you for the real world.  You're welcome.

Plus, you're children.  You can wear super-comfy clothes and sneakers every day and you look perfectly acceptable.

Anyway, I am adamantly against allowing my students to devote a day to a "pajama party".  That's totally not why their parents pay taxes.  I'll reward them with a movie, but in conventional clothing.  I don't think that's too much to ask.

But you can make up outfits that are pajama-like and super comfy.  Like this one. Perfect for when you haven't slept through the night in a few days and are expected to look...professional.

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  1. I'm totally with you on pajama day. High fives to you for not giving in to that ridiculous tradition. They'll survive...I hated pajama day when I was a kid. I would have LOVED to have a teacher who refused to allow that.

  2. I had to put Fin in Pajamas not long ago for Pajama day.
    It was awkward having send him to school in his pajamas.
    he was excited but it also made me realize it's time to get the kid some new jammies. They're a bit too small but in my defense, they usually just sleep in their undies-jammies and clothes come off anyway at bedtime. They're kids.
    But yeah, shame on me for not realizing that his sleeves were too short and his pants were too short cuz he never wears em.
    And shoes just don't look right with pajamas! The whole thing was a Nightmare
    You're welcome for the mother prospective I just put on that.

  3. I live for Pajama day. It is my favorite of all the spirit days during spirit week. When I drive up in the morning I always have a moment where I think I got the dress up days wrong. Which is silly. I am the activities adviser. I plan the days. :)

  4. That outfit is closer to fancy clothes than pajamas to me :P

  5. i love your outfit! It looks so comfortable and your boots are so gorgeous! I'm definitely with you on pajama day.


  6. that's funny. I actually have let my kids do pajama day before. However, I never participate! :)

  7. I agree with this! I never understood pajama day and still don't.

  8. When I taught high school, I hated spirit week. Absolutely hated, especially the teachers who dressed up with the students. I did it as a 16 yo, ill sit this one out, thanks.

  9. Pajama day is my favorite day of the school year that isn't my birthday. Except for "Would you still be friends with me if I wore this to school?" day. Although I'm not sure if I'll have the same opinion 10 years from now, haha.
    You look cute though, and I hope you get better soon!

  10. Downton... sigh. Please tell me you saw the season 3 finale...

  11. I never knew such a think as "Pajama day" existed. I guess if kids are little enough, the sheer novelty of doing something different from the norm seems fun, but I can't imagine ever even wanting to go anywhere in my pajamas.

  12. You got it sister! There is nothing better than pajama day even if you have to wear real clothes!

  13. Pajama day was so stressful! Because you would never wear to school what you actually wear as pjs, you have to make sure it's cute and what exactly is cute pajamas? There aren't many options out there. Go you! lol I do LOVE your comfy outfit though!

  14. Your outfit is awesome, and if that's how you look in an exhausted state, then I envy you!

    I have to disagree about pajama day. I live for pajama days. In fact, my class just won a pajama day and hot chocolate for collecting the 2nd most Box Tops on the downstairs floor. Bring on PJ Day! :)

  15. I don't think I ever participated in pajama day. maybe because I've never worn "pajamas?" I always have worn a tank top and shorts or (GASP) less than a tank top and shorts haha ;)
    Anyways, in high school I always thought it was silly because pajama day was ALWAYS in January, so it was freezing, pajamas are NOT that warm, and everyone who dressed in pajamas first got up, showered, did their hair and makeup and then put their pajamas on.
    Well, that sure doesn't make a whole lot of sense, now does it?
    What's the point?
    Tomorrow, I'll be having a REAL pajama day. And by that I mean that it's supposed to snow almost 2' of snow and I don't plan on getting out of my pajamas.
    As it should be.

  16. Pajama days freak me out. All the pillows and blankets and all the little friends that jump between them. *shudder*

  17. Sucks that you're sick but on the plus side, you don't look that awful. I think the cute outfit does a lot for you.

    In regards to the pj day thing, you make a really good point. I'm all for kids having fun at school but you can have fun in regular clothes. Although as an adult I'd love it if my work had a pj day haha.


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