October 8, 2015

Stuff and Things 10/8

Stuff, Things, etc.

+There's still one more day to sign up for The Great Pumpkin Swap if you want to join! I already started shopping.

+I haven't been to Starbucks for 3 weeks.  (I'll wait while you applaud.)

+Jett and I skipped obedience class last Sunday.  It's probably beneficial for him to go each week, but you get 8 classes for the price as long as you use them in a certain time period. And his little idiosyncrasies aren't going to change, no matter how many classes he goes to in a row.  For example, he is forever clawing his way onto my lap when I'm working at my desk.  He is relentless. He'll always (always) look at me like I'm the one with the problem when I tell him to sit and he doesn't feel like sitting. Plus, Scott was away last weekend and I'd like to get him to the class. So I might stretch out the visits. Plus, it's just as much about socialization at this point. He can sit and lay down and all that.  He just doesn't want to the majority of the time.  He is one of a kind.

+I've been listening to so many podcasts lately and most of these podcasts are sponsored by Blue Apron and Scott and I have listened to the commercials and we've talked about the idea of trying it and we've looked over the website...and I had a major conflict of self as I was considering trying out Blue Apron.
1. If I'm getting all of these fresh ingredients for dinner delivered to my door, I'm still going to have to spend an hour (at least) cooking dinner and cleaning up from dinner so it's not really a time-saver. 2. It's 9.99 a PERSON, not a meal.  The podcast sponsorship commercials make it seem like it's 9.99 a meal.  It's not.
3. $20 for dinner on my couch? That seems like a lot.
4. I already know how to cook. This would've been useful when I was newly-married and burning soup (before I started this blog), but the last thing we were able to afford at that time was a service like Blue Apron.
5. I have to go to the grocery store anyway for the basics, so it's not really saving me a trip.
6.  The novelty is the only thing that would get me, but we like leftovers and the fact that there are no leftovers bugs me. Again, only two servings for $20?
7. If I really want to make their food, the recipes are all online.
8. If you try to use the discounts the podcasts offer, you only get $19.98 off of your total for the week and it still ended up being almost $40 for three meals.  That's not two free meals you get; that's one free meal for two people.
8. While their food does look really tasty, I know I'm capable of it myself. So it's really a question of when I will stop being lazy...

+Every time I order the dogs food from chewy.com, I get a toy or two for $3 or so.  They destroy toys like it's their job, so I look for semi-durable and cheap. Both dogs get a sadistic joy out of de-stuffing farm animals and fowl.  I, stupidly, ordered this cow and chicken and they make noises like real cows and chickens so I listen to that all night long.  The mooing drives Scout nuts but he still carried the cow over to his little nest on the floor to sleep with him the other night.  He's such a person.

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  1. I've heard of the Blue Apron thing before and while it doesn't even exist over here, I don't get the appeal, either. Cooking from scratch pretty much takes the same amount of time whether you're using your own recipe or someone else's--food ingredients cost money anyways, why pay more for the privilege of cooking for myself? Plus, I like leftovers, too. It means cooking once and getting a couple meals out of it.

  2. I've had a friend(s) who have tried BA and while they enjoyed it some of the ingredients arrived not so fresh and you have to replace them. So if its supposed to be easy 1-2-3 to make dinner because its all right there, if they aren't fresh then its not that easy!

  3. I got something from a friend to try out Blue Apron for free. I absolutely hated it. I need to have leftovers to use the next day or for lunches. I was irrationally annoyed with the entire process.

    LOLOL @ Jett being relentless. That's what Mae does. She does not care if you don't want her somewhere. She will try and try again and look at you like YOU are the problem.

  4. I was intrigued by the Blue Apron thing when I first heard about it but then lost all interest when I read the fine print. Although, that's really how I feel about most subscription type things, they're always so much more expensive than the advertisements lead you to believe!

  5. I'm the same way about blue apron. I don't want to spend the time cooking or cleaning up. I might as well just order takeout.

  6. Blue Apron holds absolutely zero appeal for me. Basically for all the reasons you stated - expensive, no leftovers, you have to go to the store and cook it all yourself anyway, and the recipes are online if you really want them. Now, if it came with a personal chef...

  7. I'm not a fan of those food companies, I've tried Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. They are so expensive and not ever enough food.

  8. Oh wow, I didn't know Blue Apron was that expensive! You can make steaks every night for less than that. Good to know.

  9. i have looked into blue apron a few times, and a few bloggers have done sponsored posts and it makes you think you're getting 'two meals free' but really its like, 2 meals but you have to buy 4, and 1 meal is one person, does that make sense? so really one 'meal' is two 'meals' for them, ie it's really you get 2 servings free, not 2 meals. it's deliberately confusing. plus, it's a rip off. like you said, i still have to cook and clean and i can do it for a lot cheaper than they can. plus i don't like the look or sound of their meals lol

  10. Dobie is our official toy murderer. Especially if it has a squeaker. He will rip toys apart until he finds the offending maker of the squeaky noise and then leaves the carcass and path of stuffing wherever he feels.

    I know several people who use Blue Apron and they love it but like you, I can't justify the cost since I know how to cook and grocery shopping is just part of my life and it's not that big of an inconvenience.

  11. You listed all the reasons I haven't signed up to something similar! I think we have Hello Fresh here. Plus add in that it's tricky/impossible to get gluten free options and that seals the deal. It's a big ol' No Thanks from me.

    I love that Scout took the cow to bed with him! So cute.


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