October 7, 2015


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I tried to browse in an actual store the other day and immediately felt bored and overwhelmed. Like, I have other things I could be doing on my days off instead of dealing with parking lots and crowds. This has reaffirmed my desire to use Stitchfix for the time-being.  I'll buy one (maybe two) piece(s) per month and if I'm going to keep an item, it has to be functional for work and also comfortable.  I like having a clear set of rules and expectations.

This was another $54 cardigan.  It was soft and lovely and fit perfectly. But I'm not sure what they didn't understand last time about my feedback of "no $54 cardigans".  I had a different stylist this time, so maybe that was why.  We'll go with that.  RETURNED.

I liked this striped dolman-sleeve top, but I didn't like the $48 price tag.  It was okay but not long enough for leggings so it lost to the polka-dot top you'll see below. RETURNED.

This was awful.  I don't know why anyone would want to wear it.  It is incredibly unflattering and boxy.  I also don't like anything that slightly resembles a peasant style.  I didn't even need to try it on to know I'd hate it. It was like $50 or something. RETURNED.

I kept this polka dot tunic. It's perfect for boots and leggings. It was $48 and with the $20 styling credit, $28 isn't bad for a shirt that wears like a tunic.  Because leggings forever, right?
For the record, these are thick Athleta leggings with pockets so they don't wear like all those legging-nightmare pictures you see on the internet. KEPT.

These are black skinny pants that they sent me per request because pants vs. jeans are better in my book. However, they wore like my leggings that I'm wearing in the other pictures and they weren't near as comfortable.  Also, they didn't have real pockets!  And I thought they were just a little short. And they were $78.  There is no need to ever pay $78 for a clothing item, unless it is a coat or a purse or a pair of boots. RETURNED.

There was nothing that made me fall head over heels in love in this Fix, but I like what I kept and I know I'll get use out of it.  I'm reminding myself that the point isn't even the novelty of Stitchfix; it's the idea that I need to add real clothes to my wardrobe and crewneck tees from Target (only when on sale) don't count.


  1. That polka dot shirt is adorable!

  2. Nice! Totally agree with you on everything. Except I would've gotten the cardigan, but because I love the color and love cardigans ;)

  3. That polka dot shirt is a total keeper.

    I love the color of the cardigan, and color sways me. I would've been severely tempted by that. The peasanty shirt is awful. I hate that style.

  4. I have that striped dolman top in the sage green and I wear it all the time. it's insanely comfy and I love the way it fits. I'm going to ask for it in another color. I like the polks dot tunic too. The other stuff, not so much.

  5. I would totally wear the peasant-y shirt...but not for $50+. ;) I'm not a huge polka dot person but the shirt you kept is super cute!!

  6. oooh i really do like the polka dot top. super cute. that blue top though... wtf? why?

  7. I am loving that polka dot top! Super cute.

  8. That polka dot top was definitely a keeper! I love it!

  9. Okay yes. I like your reasoning and rules. I really might have to give it a try. I just canceled ipsy and audible, which opens up $35/mo. And like you, I really really REALLY need to invest in some real clothes.

  10. That polka dot shirt is adorable! My Stitchfix profile has all prices as "as cheap as possible" or whatever the setting is. I'm sorry, it's not that I don't like quality, it's just that I believe I can get quality for cheaper. I think the least inexpensive thing I've EVER had in a Stitchfix was maybe $28. It makes me crazy sometimes. But I still love getting my box when I'm in the mood to schedule a fix.


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