November 15, 2019

5 Grateful Things

I thought about just posting some funny things today because I've found some good ones lately, but it's November so...#grateful.

1. It's been a tough week but blogging has actually been helpful. As in, blogging every day is less work than blogging a few days a week. I used to blog every day. When you blog each day, you don't have to think as much about content. There's no hemming and hawing. You just post. And, as I found this week, in real time.
Monday was Christmas pajamas. Tuesday was books (I still have to go read all the book posts!), Wednesday was cookies, and Thursday was annoyances.

Also, does anyone remember when we just used to blog? As in, no formula for the week? It was just...topics we thought about?

2.   We attempted a Santa visit at the mall the other day and it did not work. At all. But I'm glad we tried.

3. Watching Wells actually play with toys. For some reason, he had systematically relocated all of these things to 6 feet away the other night while he was playing. 

4. Costco. We got a membership there in 2011 because it was the best deal in Alaska if you wanted to buy produce of any sort (at any time). Since then, I've always found clothes, products, and foods I like there. I even got my Hunter boots there last week (ordered from the website, no shipping, no tax, and $90 vs. Nordstrom's $140).
But these little wontons are a staple I've been buying since 2011. They are my go-to dinner when I don't want to cook and Wells loves them. He ate 5 last night. 

5. This candle. My biggest complaint about this house (okay, one of my complaints...I'm constantly complaining about it) is that it tends to smell musty if we leave it closed up and go away for a day or two. We've lived in, like, 7 houses. It isn't us because this isn't something that's ever been a problem. 
Scott went to the store the other day to get a few things and came back with the Woodwick Candle, and just opening it up was such a strong fall scent; I haven't even lit it yet. But the wood wick is the most comforting sound, if if remember correctly. This one came from Walmart and they have them's just the type of thing I never buy because I can't be sure I'll use it. 
Maybe this weekend I'll go nuts and light a candle. 


  1. i love using diffusers with amazing-smelling oil blends to freshen up a room.

  2. The Woodwick Candles smell so good! I bought one a month ago at Walmart. I've lit it a couple of times, but mainly it sits by the front door and you can smell it without it being lit.

  3. OH man... I miss those blogging days. Seriously miss them.
    I hate that musty smell - our enclosed porch gets it on rainy days... UGH - open all the doors!

  4. I saw that candle at walmart but I am so set on B&BW candles that I didn't get it. My living room and entry have two-story ceilings so not all candles make an impact but I know B&BW will. I have those wontons in my freezer I think, and it's lunch, so I should go open them up!

  5. Our house will smell musty too and I hate it. The more we rip things out and update, the better it gets.

  6. Those wontons are a staple in our meal rotation also. Pop them in air fryer and boom instant dinner! I'll have to start checking the clothes out more however...


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