November 18, 2019

Currently 11/18

This is going to be short, but is just a round-up of currents in the last few days.

Watching... El Camino. I put this off because I'd forgotten a lot about Breaking Bad, other than its brilliance. After watching it last night, I was impressed. It's a must if you liked BB.
Also, I downloaded Disney+ simply because it was F-R-E-E for a year since we have Verizon Fios. It'd be silly not to, right? I generally am not a fan of "the mouse" (the word Another Bachelor Podcast uses to refer to the conglomerate that is ABC/Disney/ESPN) because of China and all...but that's another story. So I really don't see myself as a parent sinking a lot of money into Disney but I can appreciate it as much as the next person.

We watched Frozen yesterday.

Reading... Daisy Jones and the Six on Kindle. I'm about halfway through. I don't have a lot of thoughts yet other than it's not what I expected at all and....spoiler in white: I don't like Daisy. She seems entitled?

Feeling... small amounts of healthier? Maybe. I started getting sick with a sinus infection last Sunday and every day has been a fun, new symptom. Today may be the day I start to get better.

Ordering... pizza. I never order pizza anymore. That was a Laramie habit I developed out of desperation. But we definitely had pizza delivered last night.

Completing... laundry? There's been a few times in the last week that I've gotten everything washed/folded and put away in record time (two days' time instead of half a fortnight).

Making... I tried making these cookies the other day and I put the batter in the fridge for one (or two) day(s) because I was tired or something and when I tried to bake them, they were terrible. Like, so awful. I'll try again this week.

Listening... to nothing? Usually I listen to podcasts and audiobooks on the weekend while I'm doing things around the house but I've been, ahem, not doing things around the house so we've just been watching a lot of TV. Like, a lot of TV. The Office, specifically.
Also, this is a short clip that's worth listening. I listened to it a few times on Twitter over the weekend. Allie is really good at what she does.

Laughing at...  Wells' new game/trick. He puts the figurines from his nativity set into the lion's mouth and watches them fall out the bottom chute.

The angel gets stuck because of her wings. I actually had this lion in the basement, ready to disassemble and pack up because I kind of hate it. Then I pulled it out when he had a friend come over to play. Then he started playing with it again. And now it's a permanent fixture in our day-to-day. I'm excited for new Christmas toys so I can get some of these other ones put away.

How was your weekend?


  1. I liked El Camino but I also thought it didn't need to exist. I thought the finale was so good so while it was nice to return to that world for a short time, I didn't need it, I guess?

    Daisy Jones is my least favorite TJR. Before that, it was the movie star one. I like the way she writes people with normal lives and wish she would stop being in the Hollywood/celeb world. People who listened to audio of Daisy Jones LOVED it, though.

  2. can I saw I felt very James Bond figuring out how to see your spoiler in white :) LOL

  3. I JUST started listening to podcasts. Do you have a favorite?

  4. I loved Daisy Jones and the Six, but I listened to the audiobook. Apparently Reese Witherspoon is turning it into a mini series on Amazon.

  5. Was not a fan of the Daisy book. People said the audio version was better.

  6. I listened to the audio of Daisy Jones and still didn't love it. I feel like it was wayyy overhyped and ultimately it was basically a story of a band that made terrible choices with a bit of redemption at the end haha.


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