November 13, 2019

Ghirardelli Peppermint Chip Cookies

So this blogging every day thing is going not well, considering that I knew I was going to bed without a post ready and I knew I was getting up without a post ready. Also, I'm sick and I think Wells is a little sick too, and I'm currently on my own with him and it's really cold out with a windchill below zero and so my usual cure of fresh air isn't an option at the moment. I have two very angry dogs because of all of the above.

Also, Wells has been thinking that 5am is his new wakeup time. I want to blame it on the time change, and I probably could, but I don't understand how he's going to bed at the same time, napping at the same time, and eating at the same times, and yet waking up TWO full hours earlier than he normally was. If you have any advice...

Last week, when I was still healthy and (still) sleep deprived, I made these cookies.

I am a sucker for anything peppermint chocolate-flavored during the Christmas season. Since the Christmas season now starts with the new fiscal year (Oct. 1), I picked up a bag of Ghirardelli Peppermint Chunks over a month ago. I was going to, in all honesty, just eat them because they looked good.

They did sit in the cupboard for a few weeks and then on the counter for a few days with the other ingredients while I mustered up the desire to bake with them. I don't know what it is: motivation in the kitchen is a real problem when you have a child. Especially a dependent one who can't talk and can only amuse themselves for 5-10 minute stretches. I used to spend all day in the kitchen messing around. I don't even remember that person. Now it's "dinner" and if I'm going to bake, the ingredients sit piled on the counter for days until I gather my motivation.

It's a real problem as we head into Christmas cookie season.

I haven't gone all out on Christmas cookies for years. Two years ago, I was pregnant and didn't feel like it. One year ago, we moved the day after Christmas so everything was packed for weeks beforehand.

I supposed what *is* the benefit to staying at home this year if I don't make efficient use of the Christmas season?

I made these as an alternative to all the usual cookies. I stuck the bag in the freezer, but I can't say if they'll make it to Christmas. However, it would be no huge hassle to whip up another batch. I also made a batch of sugar cookie dough so maybe I can try my hand at those again this year (for the first time in quite awhile!).

Also, I threw away the peppermint chip bag before I could write down the recipe. Luckily, it's online and easily accessible.

If you need a new cookie recipe to try this year and enjoy peppermint, this one's for you.

Ghirardelli Peppermint Chunk Cookies.

I used semi-sweet chips for the melting chocolate, and I refrigerated overnight before rolling and baking.

And my picture isn't nearly as pretty as the one on the website, but such is life.


  1. I've been for some strange reason, really wanting to make some cookies so this is really speaking to my sugar wanting heart

  2. Yum. I need some.

  3. Oooh, these look goooood! They would not make it until Christmas in my house!


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