November 14, 2019

Random things that annoy me.

1. I follow The Balanced Life and have for years. Each month, they put out new recipes. Without fail, each recipe is gluten-free and dairy-free. I can't figure out why, other than maybe orthorexia and the false assumption that it's healthier? Or more natural? Healthy food and gluten-free/dairy-free are not synonymous. They're just not. If you need to eat that way, you know the substitutions you can make. I *think* what bothers me the most here is that it's not even "1 cup dry pasta", it's:

Every recipe is like that. It just presumes that you're eating GF-DF if you're following this website.

Like, you know what kind of pasta you can eat if you need to eat GF. GF-DF should not be the default way of eating, especially for hundreds of recipes that are posted on a healthy-living website that did not strike out to be GF-DF and is not advertised to be that way.

This is a hill I'm prepared to die on.

2. There's nowhere to put a Christmas tree in this house. So...I'm going to get a 4 ft. tree (pre-lit, $25) and put it on this table. Needs must.

Wells can have it in his room next year.

3. Target. I went to buy Wells snowboots because the ones I ordered from Nordstrom Rack were not the right size, so I mailed those back and stopped at Target on the way back from the post office. Target did not have any size 6 boots in five of their six styles for toddlers (and I'm not buying him boots with a monster face for $30, unless they're free and then I would take them). 7s fell off him. I'm afraid 5s will be too small. And the boots are tied together, so I can't actually have him "walk" in them in the store. I had to ORDER THE SIZE 6 BOOTS on my phone, on the Target app, while standing in the shoe aisle at Target. Ugh. That is both the most ridiculous thing and the most millenial thing I think I've ever done.

They should be here tomorrow.

Then, he also needed snow pants. Target had no snow pants.

He'll need a new coat by Christmas. I bought his 18 month one on super sale last February because I just needed a placeholder between the too-small snowsuit and any cold days we'd have left.

Any coat recommendations for toddler boys?

4. The baby monitor. Ugh. It's so annoying. We had registered for a cheaper video monitor and I'm very grateful someone bought it for us, but it's more of a hinderance than a help at this point. It doesn't hold battery life for more than 30 minutes at this point. I often let Wells play with it when I fold/put away laundry because it's a "screen" he can't really get anything out of, but he's fascinated by it.
It's not user-friendly in the least and, because I keep it on the nightstand, I have to turn it completely off at night or there's some light, somewhere, coming out of it.

5. Scott told me he missed Colorado. not. I told him that sometimes I miss Alaska. I miss being the biggest wimp I knew, when it came to weather, the outdoors, etc. Because, then, I knew exactly how to gauge the reactions of others and what my expected level of activity was in a given situation. E.g. Kristin is not going to go on the boat. Kristin will go clamming but will sit in the car for half of it and read a book. Kristin does not go out on the snow machine because she'd rather bake cookies in the warm house on a Saturday.

Here, it's different. I'm the adventurous one when it comes to the general population.

Any particular grievances to get out there this week?


  1. columbia coats are good; they're durable which is what you need.

  2. I am the same boat with vegetarian dishes... ALWAYS, in cookbooks, there will STILL be a recipe with some sort of meat in it... or chicken broth - something where I just throw the book out.

  3. Husbands who cant admit they are wrong...that's my current issue.

    Keith's mom bought him a table top tree when he was a bachelor. We still put it up as tree #3 bc she expects it up. It's not bad but he has to take a pic every year to show her...and its already decorated so done!

  4. We don't have a real good spot for a tree in our house either. This year, we're also going tabletop style because of that, and also the fact that Holden will tear down the tree if it's on the floor. lol

  5. I totally get it about being okay with free monster snow boots but definitely not willing to buy them. I like Cyrus to wear clothes that I think look nice...but he has a couple pairs of crocs that have been free hand me downs from random people, one pair even has Thomas the Train on them which makes them extra obnoxious...but they were free, he can put them on himself, and they are the usual shoes he wears when we're just playing around the apartment complex.

  6. I couldn’t agree with #1 more. I am so tired of the gluten free fad for those who don’t have a gluten issue. And honestly I’m convinced that half of them aren’t even legit anyway. And the dairy free thing. Whatever. It really does not mean healthier at all.


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