June 3, 2024

Amazon in May.

I bought these cute glasses to give to the kids' teachers on the last day of school. I kept one for myself and I have to say that the "glass straw" is the dumbest thing ever. It took me exactly two uses to break it and when I say it broke, it shattered all over the floor culminating in a 30 minute clean-up process. 

Use a silicone straw. 

I bought these gold sandals for Sutton to have something dressier to wear this summer. They are very high-quality for the price. I needed something ASAP and I paid $23, not $28.

Same with these for Wells. We've done fisherman sandals every year since he was two. He needed something for kindergarten graduation. 

More hemp oil for pets. I add it to their food each day to help with inflammation (Jett) and anxiety (Scout).

And more of this toner. I can't say enough good things about it. It's $9! 

I bought this to use in school in the fall. If you are a teacher without a writing curriculum (hi!) or you are a homeschool family, this is a foolproof method to add in a writing mini-lesson every day. Writing is *the* hardest thing to teach, but this makes it doable. They have all grade levels. 


I went on a bit of a pre-ordering spree. As you know, I've lost my patience with the local library and I prefer to read on Kindle, so here we are: 

The Personal Assistant. I grabbed this on sale, via Audible. Reviewed it on Friday. 

The Boyfriend. This doesn't release til October but I couldn't resist a pre-order.

Hard is Not the Same Thing as Bad. This was on sale on Audible as well and it was worth it. Such a good book.  

What Have You Done? Another pre-order. I really have liked Shari Lapena lately. 

A Talent for Murder. Peter Swanson has let me down, I think, only once so I pre-ordered his latest book and it releases next week. 

Beautiful Ugly. The newest Alice Feeney book doesn't release til January but I spontaneously bought it while I was thinking of it. Otherwise, I end up on a 6-9 month wait list. 

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Amazon in April

...and Amazon in January-March

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