June 5, 2024

Currently in JUNE. + Summer weekend #2

Feeling: sick. All four of us have managed to catch a summer cold within the first two weeks of summer. Wells has a nasty cough. When he gets a cough it lasts for two weeks. So we've been mostly staying home this week. 

Loving: I've also been sleeping until 8am most days. We've discovered that by letting Sutton stay up until 9pm, she really will sleep in at this exact phase of development. Truly though, I feel groggy and gross most days and, aside from being sick, I think my body went from 60 to 0 with the start of summer break and I'm having trouble adjusting. 

Lounging around in: I've bought myself like 3 purple shirts recently + a neon pink one? I'm confused.

Anyway, I got this hoodie at Marshall's and then this workout tshirt at the PX. If you feel like you're confused and can't find clothes, I'm there with you. I am not a large person, but both of these are an extra-large in sizing. I got the size I wanted it to feel like: I want to wear a hoodie, not a crop top. And I want to wear a tshirt, not a skin-tight spandex tee. This is why those of us who don't want to walk around in a crop top can't find clothes. 

Looking forward to: family visits this summer. Doing whatever I/we want for the next two months. 

Enjoying: Meal-planning and feeling like I have some control over my days again. Summer is already going too, too, too quickly. I canceled my Dinnerly subscription and started tracking food spending because I feel like I can think again. 

Reading: I've been tearing through audiobooks but I am currently reading these as well.

I got the Liane Moriarity as an arc and, I have to say, I might be done with her. Her writing is too circular, too unnecessarily mysterious, and too try-hard literary. Also, I remember trying to read Apples Never Fall while in my first trimester with Sutton (the trimester of headaches) and I get a headache just looking at her new books now. 

Watching: The new season of The Mayor of Kingstown was released so it's one episode a week and ugh. I just want to binge the whole thing. Cannot recommend this show enough. 

I did watch the first 4 episodes of Bridgerton season 3 and I don't know. I wasn't impressed. The first two seasons were so good. I feel like the characters are getting older and bitterer. Anyone else see this?

Drinking: Topo Chico is superior to any other kind of carbonated water. Mix it with juices or alcohol or both. Once you try it, you won't go back. 

Seeing: Friends! 

Over the weekend, I expected rain so I took the kids to the park on Friday and then we did not do much on Saturday. I got a call Saturday morning saying my friend was going to come visit from Kansas City on Sunday. I'm at the stage of life where 24 hours notice of all-day company will put the fear of God into me. But I wasn't going to turn her down. She was doing me a favor, bringing me some classroom supplies she didn't need anymore, and that saved me a trip to KC. 

So anyway. She brought her daughter and we all went to Cracker Barrel (Wells' choice) and then went to the PX on base.  

He was so annoyed that I took his picture. Okay, but he makes me drive around to different playgrounds on the base looking for the one with the most kids at it because he thinks he will have a greater chance of having fun that way. I do not think this child is mine.

This one did have about 10 other kids and Wells came running up to me with 3 strange kids and a bubble wand by the time I got over there with Sutton.

Wells also suggested Cracker Barrel ("we'll take them to my favorite restaurant: Barrel!") because he had a plan to take his own money from his piggy bank and buy a toy. He clearly had thought about it enough so I allowed it. When he found something he wanted, it didn't have a price on it. He said "I'll find out!" and he ran to the cashier with it by himself and then paid $20 for a battery-operated orange frilled lizard. 
Again, I don't think he's mine.

^I should've gotten this unicorn for Sutton. It's too cute. 

Lastly, the kind gentleman at Auntie Anne's always gives them a free lemonade to share. Sutton is getting too old to be simply placated and they almost came to blows over a lemonade. 

I hate to share food so maybe they are definitely mine after all. 

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