April 5, 2024

Amazon lately. (January-March)

We're just running on a quarterly system these days

This is a toddler sleep sack that would've worked wonderfully for toddler Wells. Toddler Sutton hates it, so I don't think I ever even got it on her. But these giant Ziplock totes are perfect for storing baby clothes and toys and going under beds. The sleep sack is already in one. 

We got this highback booster for Wells in our extra vehicle since he's outgrown our extra carseat. File under things I'll never understand: why do some carseats and boosters cost $487 and some cost $60? Why are some systems $900-1200 while some are $150? WHY? (we also finally threw away our infant seat system which has definitely served us well for 6 years...I don't know why it makes me so sad to throw it away. It's expired. It can never be used again, so it's not like we can

The phone case was an impulse buy. I like Speck a lot but it was $13, not $25. I don't know, guys: I've had two really great phone cases in my life: one bought at Fred Meyer for an iPhone 4 and one bought at Walmart for an iPhone 8. I've been chasing that high ever since. 

For Valentine's Day...

New pajamas for both kids. I like these a lot. They weren't impressed with my pink and red color scheme. 

The Daniel Tiger Colorforms was more trouble than it was worth for an almost 2 year old. Maybe for a 4 year old they'd be better. 

The Lego set brought a lot of joy though, per usual. 

The dino book and stuffy was for a 2 year old's birthday. Lambs & Ivy is a nice brand if you're looking on Amazon. 

The beads were for a school friendship bracelet group. 

And more pacifiers obviously. Buying just the replacements is a great hack, instead of a whole new stuffy + paci. 


This is the best affordable undereye corrector. I make that claim because I'm sure there's something expensive out there but I haven't tried it. 

This undated planner is actually very nice. For $20, it's the EC brand but you can customize it any way you want. 

I like to use these as meal-planners and grocery lists but I haven't been as faithful to this system (that worked so well for me in 2021) in 2024. 

In so many moves/houses, we've lost and found and re-lost and broke many a measuring spoon. This set is really nice because it has two styles of spoon (round and oval) and they stick together in the drawer. 

Our 13 year old crockpot finally died this past fall (the stoneware cracked). Scott ordered this one and I like it a lot. 

A children's biography of Einstein that I used for school. It was a coincidence that I read this right before we watched Oppenheimer over spring break and it all made so much sense when I saw Einstein's role in the movie. 

Suit and rash guard for Wells. 

Water bottle for Sutton. Thee are my favorite water bottles for kids. They last forever. 

We probably won't be buying more Pokemon "legos". This isn't the actual Lego brand but I've learned that Pokemon "legos" only come from this company and they are not as high-quality as actual Legos. We didn't have issues with the two sets we got last year for Wells' birthday but this one, from Easter, caused some frustration; the blocks don't easily snap and stay together. 

This party in a box. I think it was kind of a waste of money but I really wanted the decorations/plates/cups. I did not need the wooden 'plastic'ware and paper cups. 
It's like they know you can't find Daniel Tiger decor just anywhere so they mark up the price. 

I got these sharpeners for school. It was a bargain and they are pretty high-quality for the price. 

A thundershirt that doesn't work :) I think it's a dog problem, not a product problem.

Refill for the carpet scrubber. I just look for pleasant/clean scents. This one had good reviews. 

Always have to have Resolve on hand with small children around. 

Our food scale was also on it's last leg. The buttons had fallen off awhile ago. I believe Scott originally bought it in Afghanistan (Amazon delivers everywhere!) and used it to make dough and bread there. 
But I noticed the measurements where way off when I was making sourdough. This new one works perfectly. 

These dish brushes are so much better than the plastic ones with sponges. I also run it through the dishwasher once a week or so.

We did not have a Dutch oven. I got this, originally, for sourdough before I realized I preferred a loaf pan for bread. But it looks really high-end so I think I'll use it for a lot of things. 

The story of James Naismith for kids, another book for school. And the book of animal poetry, also for school. I use these with my curriculum ("curriculum"), but I justify it easily because of Wells and Sutton since they can have them.

Last but not least: A Daniel Tiger dress

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