March 27, 2024

1st Quarter Books. (Jan-March)

 My reading has been subpar. I pine for the days of newborn Sutton. I was reading like 2-3 books a week at that time. It was great. Toddler life is not conducive to reading, unless it's an audiobook. 

This was an interesting one. I do like listening to Ken Ham debate. I like his videos. This was recommended more than once so I grabbed it on audio. I would listen to this again, maybe with Scott or even Wells so we could discuss. 

This was a fun and sad story. Meaning, it wasn't a rom-com but it was entertaining. I'd describe it as melancholy for sure and it had some twists I both expected and didn't expect. It was worth the time I spent on it. I'm a sucker for any story with an element of time travel. I don't like fantasy or world-building at all, but I'm also not a fan of trope-y realistic fiction. This was right in the middle. 

I feel like the reviews for this weren't great but I really enjoyed it. I listened to it and it kept me engaged for sure. I was never quite sure what was going to happen at the end. It was definitely worth the time. There was a part of me that worried it'd be like Apples Never Fall (which I hate the title of btw) because I never managed to finish that book, as it was so dull (side note: the show on Peacock is just as dull as the book :)
Anyway, I recommend this!

I feel like I had a hard copy from the library years ago, never got to it, and then I heard him on The Lazy Genius podcast (a great episode) and decided to try the audiobook. While his writing and voice were engaging, I felt like this was just an absolute rehash of things we all already know, like it takes 21 days to build a habit and just do things because you'll feel better afterward. Not exactly life-changing advice. And it's directed toward the general population, not toward moms with clingy toddlers, so maybe I'm not the audience at this time. 

Like Abigail Shrier's first book (which was so good I listened to it twice and posted a ton about it on social media), this was amazing. I cannot recommend it enough. The main components she digs into are how sending our children to therapy is giving them an adult to adults, if we go to therapy, we have life experience and discernment that children just don't have. Secondly, she talks about how we're creating a generation of helpless children; teens who can't order off a menu without a parent helping them, kids who cannot be without their smartphone, schools who enable this type of behavior, parents who never let their kids be bored. It's the anti-gentle parenting guide because GP has absolutely destroyed our children.

This book is amazing: Every parent needs to read or listen to this and every teacher needs to as well. Basically, if you're around kids or influence them at all, this book is a guide for you. 


This was good. Much better than The Coworker (I think that was her last release?). I will always pick up a Freida McFadden book and at least try it. 
It's about the drama surrounding an unhappy couple who are both teachers at the same high school. Suspend your disbelief when she talks about teachers wearing high heels though. Most teachers today wear slippers if they think they can get away with it. 

The first 1/3 of this book had me gripped. I was certain it'd be a 5 star read. Then, it got long and drone-y. Mostly because a lot of flashbacks and a lot of side characters from the past who didn't really matter. I mean, it was twisty-ish, but if you don't introduce a character until halfway through the book, I'm not going to care if you create a twist based on that character.
Anyway, worth a read. The first half is so much better than the second though. I felt like two different people wrote it, each taking a half. 

Then, the Did Not Finish Stack. It's a tall one this quarter. I do not have the patience for something that doesn't pull me in. Not in this season of life.

Worst book of the year so far :) Funnily enough, people I work with had it as their book club book for January. Glad I never got the energy to join the book club. I don't mince words about books I don't like. 

If I Go Missing and The Surgeon by Leslie Wolfe
I got these from the cheaper selections on Kindle. 
The first, If I Go Missing, held my attention for quite some time, then it got to be dis-believeable. And I couldn't believe how dumb and unnecessarily secretive the main character was being. I quit at about 60%, which is rare for me. Usually I quit before 10%. 
I decided to try one more by this author since she's everywhere on Kindle unlimited. The Surgeon held my attention for about 22 minutes. Then, I realized she was telling and not showing and she was telling So Much information that I couldn't even remember it all. I quit around 7%.
Oh well. 

I read like 4 pages of this from the library ebook and then I was tired and went to sleep and never picked it up again. 

I really enjoyed Such a Fun Age. This, however, was very vague and off-putting from the start. I had no idea what was supposed to be going on and the author wasn't telling me. No patience for that. Set up something besides physical descriptions of characters, please. I also had no idea if these characters were all going to be relevant to the story or not. I quit this library ebook around 5%. 

I saw this recommended on a blog and my library happened to have the ebook. Meh. The first few pages did absolutely nothing for me and I just put it down and that was it. 

I've read some good ones by this author and I've quit a few of hers too. This one hit way too close to home: sleep deprivation. 
I couldn't read about it while I'm living it. Sorry. Quit at 22%.

This was one of those locked-in stories and I don't love them. I found it hard to pay attention and kept skimming. Quit at 26%. 

This was from Netgalley. This is also why Netgalley rarely gives me books anymore: I never finish them. I made it like 4 pages and it was way too rom-com for me. I don't even know why I requested it. Typical that's-for-you, not-for-me book. 

My reading challenge for the year so far:

Winter is never my busiest reading season, so I'm not shocked. See you in July! 

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