May 6, 2024

Currently in May (late but that's better than nothing)

Loving. 13 days of school left. Long ago I started plotting for next year. But I've been waiting forever for May. I think we, parents/teachers/etc, make May so. much. harder than it has to be. We don't need 204840 activities happening at school or at home. Just, like, let summer roll in and begin. It doesn't have to be such a big deal. I mean, I'm glad there's a cute little kindergarten graduation and all, but we need to cool it on the 384 field trips, fun days, and celebrations. We had like 4 milestone activities and celebrations in the last week and it has broken me.

Looking forward to.  I'm looking forward to summer in a way I haven't looked forward to summer in years. 

Also, this week is our vet surgeon appointment we've been waiting a month for. I would appreciate prayers as I haul Jett halfway across the state to see if he needs surgery. 

Seeing. Ball pictures. We went to the regimental ball last Friday night. I try to take a similar picture at most balls we go to....

Reading. Books are posted here for this past month. I'm currently reading: 

And I've really embraced audiobooks again lately. 

Wanting. I really wish I could reform some of my worst habits. We all have bad habits. But my literal worst might be that I bite my nails will just not respond to messages. DMs, FB messages especially, texts. I just don't. It feels so heavy to have to have conversations when I'm not expecting to have conversations, if someone just randomly texts or sends a message. Like, I'm not choosing interaction at that moment and then the moment is gone and suddenly a friend sent an Easter text and I forgot to reply and then the only time I remember is when I'm driving or something so I just seem like a bad person. 

Does this happen to anyone else? 

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