May 10, 2024

Friday things. 5/10

1. I splurged on this for Mother's Day. Holidays are the one time Scott will buy me whatever I want even if he thinks it's dumb. Air purifiers fall into that category. He thinks they're a scam. I, however, live for the smell of clean air. My *classroom* has one, bought during covid times as a way to keep the school sAfE or whatever. I thought about just bringing it home for the summer. Lol. (Not really. It's kind of ugly.)

This is the one I got but I bought it at Costco because you get a free extra filter for the same price at Costco and the filters are expensive. 

2. I took Jett to the Mizzou campus on Wednesday to the animal hospital. It was a rough day. We had nasty storms, school was dismissed early, Scott had to leave work at noon to pick Wells and Sutton up, and then Jett and I got home at 6pm. It was a day entirely to myself, which I never get. The procedure they did took about 5 hours so I spent 5 hours doing work at Panera and in the waiting room. The funniest thing in the entire world were the college students studying in Panera saying they just can't wait for their finals to be over so they can sit on the couch and relax. I wanted to shake them and say This is the easiest your life will ever be, youhavenoidea. Now, look at me: using that degree so I can sit here and do actual work in order to pay for dog surgeries. After I was up all night with a toddler

3. Brightening eye mask.

This one isn't my favorite, compared to the gold ones, but I wanted something different. I like the smell of these, they still work, but they are thinner so they don't stay on as well. Again, if you have sensitive skin like me, they haven't affected me in a bad way, so I recommend! I literally use them every morning and keep them in the fridge (see: up all night with a toddler). 

4. I bought two pairs of casual neutral sneakers and I've spent the last two weeks trying to decide between them. I'll probably just keep both since I haven't bought sneaker-like shoes since August. I rarely buy shoes so, when I do, I buy 2-3 pairs at once to fill the holes I'm noticing. 

I wore the Keds with a dress the other day. Not one person complimented my shoes so I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, you know?

5. I wish I had a bunch of funny things to share but I'm not that organized this month. I like what Amy said about giving grace during the end of the school year. 8 more days (after today) with students. 

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