April 23, 2024

No summer school


I made the decision that we would not do summer school this year. If anything, this summer will be my experiment into homeschooling, doing some of the basics each day. We can go to library story times, Wells can play tball, we can go to the pool since Sutton is older this year and hopefully more agreeable. 
There is no reason why Wells needs to be in summer school. I need that entire two month break and I think he does too. 

The Sunday scaries hit me in a big way each week, and I can't imagine pushing through an extra month of that. Sure, it'd be an extra paycheck, but the regular daycare will not be available in the summer. I can't fathom dropping Sutton off *somewhere else* and leaving her there all day. I also don't want Wells going on field trips without me. Last year, I went on the field trips with him and I still had moments where I wished I'd stuck an airtag on him. You see,  I've taken kids on overnight field trips.  I've done field trips to any and all places you can imagine including amusement parks and water parks. I, for the life of me, do not understand how parents just...let their kids go on field trips? I never didn't do the best job I possibly could and we never had any issues. However...no one watches your kid like you do. I follow way too much true crime for me to believe he's always going to be safe. 
And I don't trust my 5 year old who can't swim at a pool without me. Unfortunately all the field trips are to the pool this summer. If I were teaching summer school, I wouldn't be able to go on the primary grade field trips with him. I'd have to go on my own trips, Sutton would be in a strange daycare, and Wells would off somewhere without me. 

Call me neurotic, but it is what it is. 

So the plusses of teaching summer school (one extra paycheck for the month of June and not having a stranger in my classroom) do not outweigh the minuses.

Plus, Scott's block leave is in the summer and, while I don't know that we're taking a big trip or anything, it's nice to have the option.

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