October 7, 2023


Waking up today, it's 62 degrees in the house and a certain toddler slept til 8am in her own crib. 

We are (all), clearly, not summer people. 

Anyway, this week was just as stressful as the last two. I took both children with me to an appointment on Monday night and regretted that immediately.

I took Wells to the dentist on Tuesday after school and leaving Sutton with a babysitter was money well-spent. I could. not. even. imagine. 

The good news is that the dentist told me, really, babies should be seen by a dentist as soon as they have teeth. 

Which means I relented and made Sutton an appointment for April, when Wells goes back. Maybe 2 years old will be the magic number for her. I took Wells for the first time at 2 1/2 and then again at 3 and both times were nightmarish (two different dentists). I don't think these people ("experts") understand how bullheaded my kids are. There is no diagnosis for stubborn. This is a complete aside but everyone focuses so much on sensitivities and spectrums and sensory disorders. It's always Well, no baby likes their first time at the dentist. In my experience, no, it's the first four visits, ma'am. Stubborn/intelligent is different. There is no compliance here. I'm glad they're their own people, for sure. I don't want compliance. It's just exhausting.

Just realized I never posted an 18 month update on Sutton because I literally have blocked out her last well-check. 

Anyway. Wednesday I had a meeting after school. Wells watched snake videos on my phone in the corner of the room and Sutton hung out ("screamed" and "cried") with an older helper (the principal's teen daughter, who has taken care of Sutton before, but I think was traumatized by the experience). 

Thursday, I did a Walmart grocery pick-up because we were literally out of milk. Scott seemed to wonder how that could happen. Well, it's pretty easy, really. 

Then things really went downhill when Sutton threw up three times overnight. Lots of laundry, little sleep for us, and she eventually slept for a few hours on the floor with Scott. 

Scott was off work yesterday for a four-day weekend so he stayed home with her. I think it was something she ate because she seemed healthy enough and is fine now. 

Since we dismiss early on Fridays, and Scott was also able to pick up Wells from school, I got a lot done without constantly being asked for candy and "the toys that are in your desk" (the toys I take from students). 

I was supposed to have a couple of obligations this weekend and I came to the conclusion on Thursday that I'm just not going to comply. There is nothing in the world that could guilt me into things I don't feel like doing this weekend. Maybe I learned that lesson from these kids. 

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