October 14, 2023

Do not bury your head + Simple Joys

I'm having a hard time believing everyone is okay with what has happened in Israel, but I'm also having a hard time believing that posting about the usual things on social media is okay too. I don't get "us" (Americans) sometimes. I've kept my thoughts off Facebook stories so far (because, yes, I've started cross-posting because why not?), but I've been sharing lots on my Instagram if you're interested. If you are not shaken to the core by what is happening, you are not living in reality. Terrorists are terrorists. Today, it's Israel because terrorists really hate Jews, but it's the West that terrorists are after. That's what led to 9/11, guys. Terrorists want to live in caves like mouth-breathing animals. They are subhuman creatures. Think: The Hills Have Eyes. They don't want civilization. Israel is a model of of the West in the middle east; one of many reasons why they are targeted. This is a concern for the whole Western (civilized) world. 

While we need to pray for Israel, we need to not bury our heads under the guise of "both sides" or "well, it's complicated". It's not. The people in Palestine are indeed occupied by the terrorists who run their government, so the terrorists need to be rooted out and leveled to the dirt. In case you didn't know, Hamas is the elected government of Palestine and has been since 2006. I implore you to read some credible news sources on the topic. Also, listen to Ben Shapiro's shows from this week if you think it's about "both sides". 

All that being said, it's crippling to think of such horrors in the world and to also be teaching 40+ children every and to also be everything to your toddler (Wells is pretty independent) and to also try to get everything done. 

I had two days of professional development this week + a function that kept me at school until 7:30 at night. 

Another blogger I've followed for a while makes a point of posting the simple joys. 

Here are some simple joys for Friday Saturday:

1. Liquid eyeliner. It's superior in every way. Thoughts? That's the basic one I bought for some reason and I can't even remember why, but now I use it every day. 

2. This dryer brush thing. My hair needs highlights and probably a trim pretty badly. However, this is better than a regular blow-dryer or air drying. I use it almost exclusively in the winter. I have that one that I linked and it's been almost 4 years now!

3. We went to the pumpkin patch last week. 

4. Some podcast episodes I'd like to recommend that aren't murder-y or political:

The biggest question I came away with: are their people out there who do their laundry in one day? I don't understand. 

RM is all-around incredibly solid. Highly recommend. 

I had it out with TDG a bit for a time there but they generally are really good at timely topics and encouragement with a dose of reality. 

Listening to Dale Partridge's sermons on infant baptism was kind of invigorating. 

(I did not have that on my bingo card for 2023.)


5. The closest I'll ever come to a grocery hack: I order groceries on Thursday, for pick-up on Friday afternoon. I don't even go home on Friday; I go straight to the grocery store. That way, I'm starting the weekend and the first half of the week with my meals planned and stocked with what we need. 

Also: is it just me? I find myself too distracted to make a complete grocery list or write down meals. I end up putting it into phone notes while I'm grocery shopping (if I go into the store) or I keep it in my head (which is proving not to be a safe place for lots of information). 

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