September 30, 2023

"Last week" heard that I complained about it

So I was gifted with This Week.

I still wasn't feeling great on Monday but I went to work and we all did okay. Passable.

Tuesday, I was out of the building for a training all day. 

Wednesday was "Farm" "Safety" "Day", which meant frivolity in the morning. By the time I was getting prepped for the afternoon, I was notified that Sutton was sick. 

She had a fever of 102. Which meant, as much I would have probably preferred for her to sleep it off in a daycare crib with some Tylenol (I'm awful, I know), she had to go home. I used my "lunch" to prep a few sub things and was out the door in 20 minutes. 

She did not improve that evening, so I spent the night writing sub plans for Thursday. 

Thursday, I took both kids with me to school at 6:30am so I could prep for the day. Sutton sat in the stroller while Wells ran around and then I dropped him at breakfast at 7:15 and took Sutton home. 

At 8:00, I made her a doctor's appointment for that morning. Normally I wouldn't go this far, but I was home anyway, and she'd had a 102 fever for about 24 hours. 

 It was easier to be out of the house rather than in the house after school on Thursday. 

Anyway, all that effort to find out it was viral. The doctor predicted roseola, but couldn't be sure. She had no symptoms other than the fever and some vomiting (likely from the fever). Neither of my children have ever been on antibiotics*, which I'm grateful for, but sometimes just kicking an illness would be preferred to letting it "run its course". 

*That's just reserved for our dogs. We have spent more on dog antibiotics in the last 5 years than I care to add up.

Luckily(!) she was better overnight and we were back in school on Friday. I rolled the dice with that one. 

But don't worry, there's more: After school on Friday, Jett had his follow-up appointment after 10 days of antibiotics. Which meant both kids at the vet at 4pm, a ticked-off Scout at home alone, and Wells trying to pet a pitbull in the vet's office. I legitimately don't know who was worse at the vet: the 5 year old or the 1 year old. 

All that to find out that Jett's doing great and it was likely an abscess and not a hernia. Thank goodness. There was a day or two there that I was certain he was on death's doorstep. At least this visit only cost $23. Last time they did an xray to make sure his "organs are still in the right place in case of a hernia" which seemed like a reach, but okay.

Which brings me to the fact that the government shutdown means that the military stops getting paid first. Great, right? I'm sure the Senators and Representatives are still pulling in gold bars, bags of cash, and funding their wardrobes of gym shorts and hoodies just fine. Meanwhile, anyone who is supposed to PCS this month is being held over for 3 months because there's no money to move soldiers and new trainees are moving in and there's nowhere to put the soldiers who've graduated from schools.  

In addition, we have some major household repairs that need to happen.

And it's going to be 92 degrees today. 

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