September 1, 2023

Friday things. 9/1

 PTL. It's September. The best month. Well, actually, October is the best month, but September is close. 

Here's some things I'm loving:

This bag:

It's a great size and functionality for carrying to school. 

I also recently saw some teachers using Bogg bags for all the "stuff". Kind of genius! I still carry a reusable grocery-style tote back and forth most days for all the things I haul around. 


We've had frozen pizza twice this week :) :) :)

Mostly because I've had a bit of a cold (sorry...though, it's hard to tell who has a cold and who has allergies) and I'm trying to do all the things and children who Demand food are hard to handle at 4pm. 

We had cake (CAKE) for an after-school snack yesterday. Cake.


There's been two annoying disappointments in the last couple of days: my air purifier died for the third time and since it's no longer under warranty, Edenpure is like sorry about your luck and that's it. When something breaks three times with regular use, it's probably not worth ever buying from that company again.

And Walmart forgot two things in my grocery order yesterday (non-grocery items) so I have to go into the store to get my money back. There used to be an option to say "I didn't receive this", but it's not there anymore. I also got a random yellow folder in my order that I definitely didn't buy. And I waited 20-30 minutes in the parking lot for my order yesterday which almost never happens but that's the day before a long weekend, I guess. Terrible decision-making on my part. Near military bases, most people plan for a 4-day weekend. 


Things I'm not making time for: yoga, Pilates, or physical Bible reading. 

Also: breakfast and lunch. Not making time/plans for those these days. I need to get more organized for myself next week. I pack Sutton's lunch and Wells' snack and then forget about myself. 


I spent last night zoning out in front of reels on Instagram. I found some good ones. 


I also called an animal shelter about a dog? A very young purebred Brittany is looking for a home. Am I insane? Maybe. Maybe they'll call me back today? Again, questioning my decision-making. 

Everyone knows that animal shelters don't let you adopt dogs unless you can prove that you'll be home with them 27 hours a day and/or will never let them off a leash. 

I am curious about the application process though because, on paper, we're the perfect situation for her. 


I can never remember what I shared on Instagram and what I shared here. 

Happy Friday:

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