September 4, 2023

Amazon lately.

 Undereye masks. 

Well, I can't vouch for the ingredients but they make my eyes *feel* better. I think it's the coolness, for sure. I don't know about the ingredients. Sometimes it's hard to argue with so many positive reviews on Amazon. 

I got these ones, which are said to be lower cost replicas of these ones. I think they're worth trying! 

Cosco Convertible carseat

We've had one of these seats for Wells and now we're in need of a 4th seat so I got one for Sutton. It's a great seat for a second car and, to be honest, I'm going to move our Graco to the second car for Wells (he still needs a full carseat) and put this in my car for Sutton right now. Wells has hit the weight limit for this seat. It's served us well for 3 years with him though. I love that it's easy to clean and doesn't have a million holes for crumbs, dirt, and dog hair to get stuck in. 

Fluorescent light covers

These light covers were actually more expensive than the ones I initially tried and returned (see below) but you pay for quality in most areas in life. These are magnetic so they were super easy to hang up. And they don't tint the room, they just dull the lights. I only put up the two in the front of the room but I might grab another pack or two sometime soon. 

New phone case and popsocket

I got tired of the Loopy here at some point. I've had it since the end of March so that's kind of a record for me. I got this one that is grippy but not overly so. I still like something to hold onto so I grabbed a matching popsocket. This is my toxic trait and I know it. 

Funny story: Scott gets iPhones for his work phone and every time his job switches or the federal government decides to upgrade to something newer, he comes home with a different one. He asked me the other day do you have a case for this? and handed me an iPhone 13. Well, no. Actually, I don't have a case for it because I went from an 8 to an 11 to a 14. But after trying the dozen or so cases I have stashed in a dresser drawer, I found one that fit and that wasn't pink. The iPhone 14 (regular) case fits an iPhone 13 (regular), fyi. This one from Casely was the winner. I never liked it much, unfortunately. What I don't like about Casely is that they don't have protection for the camera. Neither does Loopy for that matter. Just something to think about if you pay $30+ for a case. Amazon for the win. 
My favorite phone cases ever: one was from Fred Meyer and one was from Walmart. Both had a fabric feel to them. They are, sadly, both obsolete. 


Another pacifier. I was supposed to wean her off of these things but then I waited too long and now we own 3. Well, 2 and a half. You see, she bit through one so we have three llamas and 2 pacifiers. We call this thing "paci", never "binky", but Scott refers to it as "sucky" which is kind of hilarious. 

And then...

Bought and returned:

I ordered these protective ear muffs and they arrived two days late so I didn't need them anymore...I had to go out and buy a pair elsewhere. However, after buying a separate kids' pair for Wells, he could probably just wear adult ones at this point (I believe these go up to age 8? But he has a big head :). So Sutton will get the kid ones. 

In an effort to dull the fluorescent light in my classroom, I thought I'd go with these. However, after seeing other classrooms who had them in use, the whole room gets a light blue tint and it's kind of unsettling. In addition, these were near impossible to hang up; lots of sticky little dots that didn't hold and weren't user-friendly to apply. But the bigger issue is that I couldn't imagine trying to teach and/or learn under that weird blue tint. It was like being in a circus tent.

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