September 11, 2023

Things I don't understand.

This made its rounds on Twitter the other day. I added to it this morning at 5am, as one does:

In addition to all that stuff I don't like, here are some things I don't understand...

I got my hair cut on May 5th. It is now September 11th. That is 4 months. It, I swear, has not grown a single centimeter. If we compare pictures, yes, it's grown, but I was expecting it to be a whole lot longer by now. Also, my hair is too thick to be cut short. Every 2-3 years, I learn this hard, hard lesson. 

We spent an enormous amount of energy taking care of a garden. Aside from a great tomato and pepper harvest, I'm not sure where all of that energy went? We got some zucchinis and a couple of pumpkins I'm hoping making it to the end of the month. I made marinara sauce last weekend and I need to do it again this week. I ran out of time to make more yesterday. 

Unpopular opinion: Gilmore Girls is the actual worst and the worst part of #fall is that women start talking about how they like to rewatch it. The correct GG is Gossip Girl, always. 

I never understand how women keep wearing sandals into the fall season. I cannot wait to pull out my fall shoes. But I'm also aware that winter lasts forever in these parts; just miserable wet or chilly days until May sometimes. So I'm trying to pace myself.

Breakfast. I don't understand how people eat breakfast. Maybe post-9am, I can consider food.

Also, toddlers. I don't understand how moms can present themselves as functioning human beings when they have a toddler. It's like a newborn phase but worse because people expect you to have it together by now. 

Finally: belt bags. I won't do it. I will cave and buy a Stanley before you find me with a belt bag. And I refuse to buy a Stanley. 

What do you just NOT understand?

**Here's a 9/11 post I wrote a few years ago. Today we're going to be reading The Man in the Red Bandana and doing an entire morning learning about 9/11. I do not take it lightly what an incredible privilege it is to be able to teach kids about a modern-day historical event. 

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