June 14, 2023

What not to wear Wednesday.

This is something I was really passionate about back in the early days of this blog and, do my eyes deceive me or, are Crocs coming back? I feel like every other person I pass by is wearing Crocs? Kids, adults, babies. 

Or did Crocs never go away? 

Famous Footwear sent me an ad via email last week, proving that they know nothing about me:


To everyone who wears Crocs: Why? 

I don't get it. There are options out there for slide-on shoes. These are not it. 

First of all, if you are wearing rainbow crocs, I can only assume you are on your way to clown try-outs, so good luck. 

Secondly, I was going to say okay, maybe if you're gardening, crocs are okay. No. Dirt will get in the holes. In addition, these are all over hospitals and medical offices. If you are working in healthcare, you could drop a sharp tool on your foot easily. These are not designed to keep feet safe in fast-paced work environments (though we could maybe argue they're less porous than a cloth mask?).

Thirdly, I was looking at a bunch of croc-wearers last week and trying to think really hard about when they might be acceptable to wear. This is what I came up with... if you are a patient in a hospital. Like, you've just given birth or are recovering from surgery. 

That's all. 

Do you wear crocs? I'm assuming you know someone who does. All I ever see are small children and grown adults wearing the exact same shoe and it's unsettling. 

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