June 19, 2023

15 months of Sutton

We're on to the every-three-month updates!

Sutton eats a banana every morning for breakfast. Then I usually give her toast. If Scott's around, she gets eggs too. But the banana keeps her busy for at least 7 whole minutes so I rely on it. 

Around Memorial Day, Sutton started walking. That put her about 14 1/3 months? Not quite 14 1/2 months. Wells started at almost 14 months. But he spent two months gearing up for it by cruising along everything. She took a much more calculated approach and decided to do not too much until she actually felt strong enough to walk. Sutton does not expend energy if she doesn't have to. That's just a theme we've noticed with her. 

I don't even know how many teeth she has. A lot. Most of them at this point. 

In terms of sleep, she was getting molars and putting all this mental energy into trying to walk for the last month, so her sleep was absolute trash for about 6 weeks. Then she got super clingy. And man. This age. It's a lot. She's slowly been sorting herself out. Yesterday was actually one of her better days. 

She is not a fan of independent play. Once she gets going, she can do it. But she generally wants someone right there with her. This is one issue we didn't deal with before: Wells has always amused himself. He's wildly independent and she's not. He was also not clingy at all. She is, generally.

Sutton is a bit wilder than Wells too. She pushes limits more. I remember him doing that a little (me constantly yanking on his arm to hold him back), but she'll do things like refuse to sit down. Tub, high chair, anywhere...if she's in the mood to stand, I cannot make her sit. I think we might transition to the little table and chairs here soon. She's really not a fan of the high chair (and yes, I can and do strap her in, but I don't think I ever strapped Wells in...it never would've occurred to him to stand up!).

This wild side comes out when we're in places where small children are supposed to be well-behaved. There's nothing you can do to actually placate her (food, drink, pacifier, nothing works) so I've started making use of the church nursery and having a sitter come over when I want to go somewhere without wrangling a alligator. 

Still loves that silly pacifier. If it helps her sleep, I don't really care. 

She goes to the doctor next week for her 15 month appointment but our scale says she weighs 22 pounds. I checked back on the blog here and it looks like Wells was 23 pounds at 15 months. 

Going through a majorly picking eating phase. She won't touch meat. Vegetables are a hard no. She won't even eat quesadillas or rice anymore, which is odd. She loves blueberries, strawberries, crackers, peanut butter sandwiches, bananas. Dippy eggs might be her actual favorite. 

We got rid of the bottle at like 13 months? Maybe less actually. It wasn't hard to do. I replaced it with a variety of sippy cups but now she uses a regular take and toss cup. She drinks milk when Wells drinks milk, basically. Usually first thing in the morning, before her nap, and right before bed. She was never super attached to a bottle for some reason. It was definitely just a tool for her. The pacifier is her comfort instead.

It's definitely fun to see the little person she's becoming. She is determined and has a personality on her. For instance, she saw an empty milk cup on the floor, decided she wanted milk, and I knew I wasn't going to get these pictures taken...unless I gave her some milk. So that's where the prop comes from. 

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