June 9, 2023

Friday Things 6/9 and {Currently} in June.

I'm just going to show you a collection of pictures and screenshots because I. am. exhausted. I have no schedule right now unless I build it out myself and that's because I like routine and schedules and systems. This is also, not shockingly, why I struggle to stay home with very, very small children. I struggled with it in Alaska, in Colorado, and it doesn't matter if we have kids or not. It's why I always end up going back to work. I need routine. I'm sorry. I can't help it. I'm not even sorry in an apologizing-sort-of-way. I'm just sorry that that's how it is and I do know this about myself by age 37. Anyway, that's why I haven't blogged this week. I get like 5 minute increments to do things and I can't even get to the things I need to get done.

I also very much feel like that Instagram reel of "sure, you have have a clean house, all you have to do is clean all day long, forever, and your house will be clean". 

I had the babysitter come on Monday so I could go to my book group in peace but then I get bored without a child to wrangle?
This is very much a catch-22 situation. 

Onto some things...

I am going nuts, looking for dresses. I still might get this one. It's less than $20. 

He is pretty (angry at me all the time). 

Trying to climb out of the cart. 

Oh my gosh. I got a pedicure the middle of March. On the right, you can see the polish is still firmly in place. It will not come off. On the left, I was able to soak my foot and peel it off. I have no idea what kind of magic UV light they used but it is solid. I ended up painting over it on the right. I will go back for a pedicure next month and let them deal with it. 

Jett is such a good dog. I can just walk him into the vet's office and he just hangs out and listens to me. 

I ordered Wells a new backpack for his birthday. His Amazon one from 2 years ago, now, is starting to really show some wear and tear. 

Not the best dog to take to the vet. 

I took this back to Old Navy. While it'd be a great occasion dress for something summery or beachy, I'm looking for the most bang for my buck and clothing I can mix and match with everything else I own. 

Considering this for Sutton. She needs 294859 things to keep her busy at all times. 

Forgot to post that Wells had his first day of summer school last week. I do love the way they do summer school in Missouri. It's like day camp (free too!) for the month of June. 


I have to tell myself repeatedly what month it is. I feel, often, like it's later in the year than it is. I don't know what this is about because clearly 2023 is flying by. 

All that to say that I forgot about this link-up (thanks to Jennifer for hosting!) until I saw other posts and then I couldn't remember the date anyway. 

(Summer's going great!)

Anyway, here we go:


Sutton is loving blueberries. This is her first go-around with them and she can't get enough. 


I'm trying to walk most days. 


Trying to wrap my head around how much we've screwed up kids in the last 20 years (uh, the last 3 especially). We are not a society who values the young. This episode from Tuesday was really good if you want an overview of the phonics issue. Every parent who has a child in school should listen and every parent with a child who will be learning to read soon should listen. 



Absolutely nothing but probably those re-reads up there. I am considering going the audio route again because I'm just ...sigh....not making the time to read right now. Here's what I read in April and May (again, embarrassing). Thoughts on this issue? 

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