June 5, 2023

Amazon lately...

Stroller fan. I had this sudden thought I bet she's warm in there as we were at the pool on a 95 degree day last week. I quickly added to cart and swiped to buy this. I've been pushing my own physical limits when it comes to being outside in the heat lately. She might as well be more comfortable. 

I got this swim vest for Wells after seeing what success he had with one at the pool last week. It says up to 50 pounds and he's not quite 40 pounds, so we'll try it this summer. 

Tick repellant. Because everything is awful. These little bottles are great to keep in the car/stroller/diaper bag. You can spray it on dogs too!

More tick spray. I'm not sure which one works best but we will try it. 

This spray is for mostly the barn, camper, etc. 

I've got a lot of teaching goodies to share here; much of what I ordered for my classroom in the fall already (those purchase orders were due early so I grabbed the necessities) and then a few things we got.

I am getting this spelling workbook and this grammar workbook. I get to kind of create my own spelling curriculum. At my last school, I didn't do spelling at all because it wasn't graded/expected. But now I know how much kids need spelling practice. This is a great one because it has everything I want on the inside. I would recommend it for homeschooling too. Same with the grammar: I've been using these proofreading paragraphs for about 12 years now, on and off. I can't recommend them enough for real-life application of skills. 

This teacher planner is also in my cart:

Remember when I spent a ton of money on an Erin Condren teacher planner and it wasn't user-friendly at all? I won't make that mistake again. 

Highlighters for kids to use. 

Erasers for kids.

Birthday cupcakes for the calendar board

This iced coffee tumbler. It was a teacher gift. I feel like the Simple Modern brand has better reviews overall than Stanley. Stanley is *pretty* for sure (for sure), but if it leaked every time I almost dropped it, I feel like I would get increasingly frustrated with my $40 water mug purchase. 

In case you missed it!

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