March 20, 2023

Sutton turns O-N-E

I decided *not* to go with the balloon arch after the 948 man-hours it took to set up for Wells' birthday last year. I just ordered some balloons from a floral shop and the tassel and "o n e" and "1" is from Walmart. 

Cake is funfetti. I did 4 layers in small pans and then made a mini-cake for her. She didn't eat too much, mostly because she'd been pretty sick the night before and I didn't want to risk it again. 

Birthday trip to Walmart. 

I don't know why she is so perfect. (...though she woke me at 5am today and that's when I started this post).

It ended up being 20 degrees out on March 18th and she has been sick on and off for a couple of days. So we did our best :)

March birthday twins

She was definitely more interested in opening presents than he was at this age. 

Oh look. A dollhouse for Wells. He has really loved all the "new toys!". He was very unhappy that it wasn't his birthday but when he realized he gets to play with whatever she gets, he saw that it didn't matter anyway. 

If I showed you all the photos of Wells from Saturday, they all pretty much look like him trying to parkour on something. 

The balloons absolutely stole the show. Now I know what to get him for his birthday.

She got this chair for Christmas...but Scout never misses an opportunity to relax in an Anywhere Chair. 

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