July 13, 2022

4 Years of Wells

Wells is 4 years old.

He is quite something. 

He is incredibly smart in a way that I could not imagine. He went from just observing everything I said and did to commenting on everything I say and do. 

He plays make-believe all day long. He makes up stories that include dinosaurs, Power Rangers, and PJ Masks. The neighbors probably get quite the show of him LARPing in the yard every evening. 

Wells wants to be everywhere we are. I cannot send him outside to play...he wants me out there. I cannot get up in the morning without telling him I got up because he will try and find me as soon as he wakes up and get very upset if he can't see me. He still has the unfortunate habit of crawling into bed with me at random times during the night, especially if Scott's away. (We're working on it.)

note the bottles and coffee there on the table

Wells gave up his nap probably around 3 1/2. While it kind of makes bedtime easier in a weird way, sometimes he just melts down around 5 or 6pm and I know it's because he needed a nap and won't take one. He won't even entertain the idea of quiet time. I've tried. Since it's summer, I usually put Sutton to bed before 7pm and then Wells can stay up until Scott gets home and he will get to build a campfire in the backyard with Scott or just play outside. He goes to bed way too late right now. 

The only food Wells doesn't like seems to be tomatoes. He always picks them out. 

He loves puzzles and Legos. Anything that can be constructed, deconstructed, and reconstructed is his favorite. 

We cannot go out without him trying to make friends or talk to every single person he sees. He is the definition of a social butterfly. 

As for being a big brother, he loves his baby and thinks she's cute and sweet but he used to cover his ears and complain when she cried. He calls her a cutie-patootie. However, what I said on Monday is 100% true: he really doesn't notice her most of the time. I think it's a boy thing, to be honest. As soon as she starts going for his toys in a few months, I expect things will change. 

As for gifts, I'm really into giving Wells something to DO, not just something to play with. I swear, that silly Nugget is the best thing I ever bought him. So this is the Montessori balance beam my parents got him, plus a balance board. We got him a bike that is still a little too big for him, but we'll work on it. I'd love for him to learn how to ride a regular bike by his *next* birthday. It's such a skill that many don't have these days. 

Anyway, I cannot believe Wells is 4. I have such fond memories of him being a newborn. Like, the sweetest memories. I keep a picture from the hospital bed on the living room shelf just to remember how perfect and brand new he was when I took it. He was about 4 hours old. 

He's incredibly smart, can be an absolute mood tornado, and is not relaxed about anything. He always is on the go or expecting something to happen next. He plays independently, which is a gift that not all kids have. 

It's been a really big year for him: he did pre-k 3, he traveled home to Pennsylvania (again), he had multiple visits from nannies and pap, and then he got a little sister. This was also the first year he hasn't had to move to a new state! 

In case you missed it: Wells is our little miracle baby. After 4 years of tests and treatments and failed IVF, he just came to us in his own time. 


  1. Happy birthday to Wells! 4 is such a fun age! He sounds like a great little boy!

  2. Happy Birthday Wells! What a great kid.


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