July 11, 2022

Currently in July.

This is a much over-do 4th recap plus whatever else. I missed the link-up last week so here we are. 

Enjoying... we actually had a pretty nice 4th of July. Better than the last few years. The last two 4ths we were moving. 

too hot for a facial expression

not a water fan yet

Having... the need to share these. I won't go into *why* the 4th of July is important but these are critical points that I feel some of us just don't get for some reason. 

Hoping...  the next season of Stranger Things comes out sooner rather than later? I don't know. What'd you think about it? The last bit of the last episode was good enough to make me want more. I'm not a ST die-hard but it's better than much of the nonsense on Netflix (totally don't mean Love is Blind or The Ultimatum...I will watch every.single.season of those Lachey family productions)

Picking... up an old habit. The Bachelorette starts tonight. I've skipped the last 2-3 seasons because I just don't care. But mindless tv is one of those things that make life more enjoyable. Since I'm completely out of the loop on all things Bachelor right now, maybe that'll make it more fun to watch. I don't know who anyone is anymore so spoilers aren't something I'm interested in knowing. 

Using... the opportunity for child-free time to go to the chiropractor alone today. Also, may stop for a pedicure. 

In other news, Wells turned 4 yesterday so I have lots of birthday stuff to share this week. 

he was totally unfazed by the fact that the baby screamed all through the singing and cake cutting
it's like, he loves and likes her but can just as easily pretend she doesn't exist LOL


  1. Those that don't want to celebrate the 4th can go on to another country. In a month when they want to come back, we refuse. Glad you guys had a good 4th. I am sure it was nice to not be moving this year!

  2. Happy belated birthday to Wells! I'm excited to watch this season of The Bachelorette but will watch it next day on streaming media so I don't have to go through all the commercials.


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