July 15, 2022

Friday Favorites 7/15

Getting a late start today because, as Scott pointed out to me the other day, I "get up at 9am every day". And that's true. I get up at 9am every day. The "favorite" in that is that I can absolutely get up at 9am every day in this season and it is absolutely life-giving. It allows me to function at 100% for the rest of the day instead of longing for a nap the way I did when Wells was a baby. 

1. Pedicures. I was able to sneak out for a pedicure this week. Much needed. I hate, hate, hate painting my own nails. 

2. The Prosecutors.

This podcast is SO good. It's two lawyers talking through the most notorious true crimes. They focus on evidence and theories that make sense. It's not sensationalized. There's no agenda. It's fantastic. I listened to the entire JonBenet series this week. 

3. Bike shorts. So J.Crew Factory has been my only source of post-partum clothing in the last month or so just because they have normal clothes. Target has gone off the rails and Old Navy is all so cheaply-made. I haven't bought Old Navy in a long time actually. Probably over a year. (I did grab some shorts from Target this week, just to try, but I'm not hopeful.)

I got these bike shorts with the idea that I can wear them *in the fall* when it starts to cool down a bit. I wear shorts for as long as possible each fall, so this could be a good option. I could probably wear them now too, but it's kinda too warm. 

Have you tried the bike shorts trend yet? 

4. Wells had his 4 year check-up yesterday. There was some wailing and gnashing of teeth, but not as much wailing and gnashing of teeth as there could've been, so I'll take it. 

He still has never worn a mask in this hospital and he's probably been there a dozen times over the last year (for himself, with me for appointments, etc.) and no one has ever said a word to him. 

Anyway, he's in the 31st percentile for weight and the 70th for height and now we have allergy medicine to take every day. 


True life: we had one of these at work this past year. 
The reading of the complaints aloud at a meeting ...priceless. 

And finally:


  1. Target has definitely gone off the rails with their clothes. I am not sure there is any coming back from how far off they have gone. Its truly scary walking through the clothing there. I am glad you at least have J Crew! Someone has to hold down the fort with normal. Case numbers are going back up down here. I am terrified they are going to bull some mask mandate BS with the start of school coming up. Enough is enough.

  2. I despise painting my own nails. Can I, sure. Do I want to? Hard no.

    I *tried on* bike shorts. My thighs are too thick. They hit in a weird spot and just looked ridiculous. It’s disappointing though because I lived in them as a kid.

    That podcast sounds AMAZING! Going to start listening immediately!

    Also, agree on Target. Insanity. And I see nothing wrong in getting up at 9. It’s not for me. I’m a 7/7:30 person, but if that gets you through the day, it’s a win!

  3. Ha, my baby goes *back* to bed at 9 a.m. every day for her nap. She used to get up for the day at 6 but she just recently started giving me until 7 most days (today was 6:15 a.m., nap at 8:30).

  4. I have a pair of bike shorts that I wear to the gym and to walk. I absolutely love them because of the two pockets - one for my airpods holder and the other for my phone. I just ordered those J.Crew Factory ones, too, because I am always wishing for more of these and the price was right! Thank you! I want to wear them more with a sweatshirt and maybe a button down - a la 90s? I wear shorts until December just to run around or in my house.


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