March 22, 2023

ONE YEAR of Sutton.

Let's just put the baby posts together this week so I don't have to drag out the ..."content". We celebrated Sutton over the weekend but here's the official 12 month post. 

Sutton is smiley and happy and knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She says "ahh" when she wants a drink and when she starts frantically searching around, she's looking for her llama pacifier. She smacks her highchair tray when she's still hungry and tries to crawl out of it when she's done. If you give her something she's not after, she bats it away. 

She loves to clap and dance to her Fisher Price playhouse...we listen to that music all day long. 

She is cruising along all of the furniture and will walk if you hold onto her hands. 

Sutton is still a pretty good sleeper. She's was kind of sick with some sort of stomach bug for over the weekend, so I've been very easy on her and the night wakings. Also, she's been in the pack and play since my parents are sleeping in her room while they visit. Sutton's favorite thing to do is wake up at 9pm and watch TV with me and Scott. 

When I put her down at night, I tell her to say good night and she smiles and waves good-bye to everyone. Same thing at naptime. Waving bye has definitely become her cue that it's time to go to sleep. Though, she still really loves her pacifier and it's just this one pacifier that she's attached to...I tried to take it away and it didn't work out great. While I almost don't *care*, I know she can't have it forever. 

We went to a new pediatrician the other day for her 12 month appointment. She got half her vaxxes, because they do the other half at 15 months. I like that approach. I feel like Wells got a full 5 shots at 12 months? She did also get a blood draw and that was not great; I think I had a little bit of PTSD watching them try to get the needle in :/ 

Anyway, she weighs 20 pounds and is 27 inches. For reference, Wells was 22 pounds and 29 inches at this age. She's not scrawny at all, but she definitely feels small for a one year old. 

We started transitioning to whole milk and it didn't go great. The pediatrician said since she probably has some kind of virus just to stay on formula until she's better and then try again. Maybe this weekend. While I am so over mixing formula, it was nice to know she was having her nutritional needs met! Feeding a toddler is stressful. I'm trying to keep her on the same schedule as Wells for food and snacks. 

Sutton has a couple of words..."dada", "mamamamama" when she wants something, and "Jett" (of course). 

Favorite foods include: strawberries, toast, club crackers, teething crackers (Happy Baby brand in purple and orange, only), and applesauce.

Sutton is the happiest baby. She's incredibly attached to me, which is fine and a testament to the whole did-you-bond? argument.  Babies are bonded to their mothers, no matter the birth and feeding  circumstances. She has been less fussy than Wells ever was. This is a true case study, since I had the "perfect" birth with Wells; Sutton has been the easier baby! I've truly learned not to take any of those statistics seriously and anyone who insists a "natural" birth is better for the baby is probably full of something they know nothing about :)  There was no skin to skin. There was no delayed cord cutting. There was no nursing, ever. I think I held her for the first time 12-18 hours after she was born. Aside from the occasional cold, she's also remarkably healthy for having a brother in preschool.

Also, remarkably healthy for sharing everything with two dogs. Maybe that's where our kids get their good immune systems.


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