June 1, 2022

{Currently} in June

Celebrating... being done with school. I have thoughts about quitting my job and leaving the classroom (again) but, you know, like with everything else, it's on my list of things to write about. 

This gift from a student is so adorable. I wish I had somewhere to put it next year!

Giving... book recommendations on Instagram. I've made a lot of progress in the last month...Kindle reading while feeding the baby is what I'm doing. I can't really read physical books easily with one hand so all my reading has been electronic lately. 

I just saw this one pop up on BOTM for June and I read it via NetGalley awhile back. It's really good! If you have BOTM, give it a try. If you don't, here's a link to try it out. 

Taking... my chances with flowers again. Every year, I do okay with it. I'm no plant person though. I do insist on flowers outside, Scott does his vegetable garden, and we are a "plant-free" household otherwise. (I just kill things.)

Trying... to drink a smoothie every day. Half a banana + frozen berry mix + coconut water + spinach + almond milk + collagen.

Wearing... I have been on a flat-out mission to find shorts I like. I am so entirely unimpressed with the selection out there. I have my shorts from summers past but, let's face it, not all of them fit the way I want right now at 2 months post-baby. 

I did find these from Stitchfix. They are everything I've been searching for...they still have the mustard ones. They aren't high rise or low rise; they are right in the middle. Light material, pull-on...seriously, Target needs to copy this design or something. I happily paid $36 for them. 

Also, I grabbed a few tanks and tees from J.Crew Factory but they haven't arrived yet. Somewhat annoyingly, I ordered almost two weeks ago and it never arrived. They refunded me and gave me free shipping on a new order. Their customer service was great but UPS really let me down on that one. 

I ordered three swimsuits from Target. They were having a huge sale on swimwear last week. I can't stomach paying $40 for a suit, so I got a few to try on and we'll see. They were like $25ish each. 

Chances that none work for me are high, but I'd rather try them out and not spend all summer wishing I'd found a swimsuit I like...which is literally what happens to me every. single. summer. (Any recommendations? Where do you buy suits?)


  1. I think I want a smoothie...for some reason your smoothie sounds so tasty right now!!

  2. My favorite swimsuit that I got right now is from Amazon, surprisingly. It has decent support, sucks me in and looks flattering on. I like those shorts you got. Target has struck out all year for me on clothes. They have nothing decent there. I will send you the Amazon suit on Instagram.


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