May 30, 2022

2 Months of Sutton.

I can't believe she's been around for over 2 months already. 

When it comes to birth/recovery, I've really come to terms with the fact that I probably haven't processed her birth story. I listened to a really great podcast episode where a mom had not one, but two semi-traumatic births. Babies were fine in the end, but she brought up the point that it was no surprise to God how it all played out. The amount of preparedness you put into birth doesn't matter in the end at all. That is a lot of energy and effort kind of wasted if the baby isn't ready to arrive the way you anticipate.

The fact that they couldn't tell me what went wrong with Sutton still bothers me (was it a placenta issue? we still have suspicions about this) because, if she were my first baby, I don't know that I would happily go into pregnancy with a second. My pregnancy with Wells was so easy and labor and delivery and recovery was so smooth that I didn't wonder/worry about how it'd go a second time. I don't think we're anticipating a third baby in our family but I was told that post-partum preeclampsia or even regular preeclampsia would probably happen again. It's possible it even happened with Wells because I definitely had some symptoms, but they just didn't catch it and I didn't know any different. 

PRAISE THE LORD. We have a sleeper. I've said many times that Wells was up every 2-3 hours for 18 months, at least. I think he slept 5 hours once and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. (It never happened again.)

Sutton goes to bed around 8-8:30pm. I tried to keep her up later, like 10:00, but she just wasn't having it. If she was just falling asleep/drowsy after that 7:30 or 8:00pm bottle, I put her in a sack and put her down for the night. She'd had it with the velcro swaddle by 3-4 weeks so we went to a swaddling blanket, and now I have her in a sack. 

She's been getting up around 4:00am and I change and feed her and put her back down. She'll sleep then until 8-9am. Which means I'm still up for an hour or so super early, but then I sleep in. I've literally scheduled everything in our life right now to start at noon or later and it's a pretty great system. 

When it comes to eating, she is incredibly predictable in a way I was not used to with Wells. She is either hungry or she's not. There's no in-between. I really try to do a sleep-eat-play instead of play-eat-sleep pattern but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. 

She's drinking 4 oz. bottles but I don't count ounces. I seriously feed her every time I assume she's hungry. I read somewhere that babies know exactly how many calories they need to stay full, and the goal is to make those daytime calories. I don't try to feed her at night unless she fully wakes up.

Sutton's room is a nursery with a guest bed, so I moved her into the crib around 9 weeks. 

She had her 2 month appointment two weeks ago. Their computer system wasn't working so I don't have actual statistics, but she got some shots and then she weighed 9 pounds 9 ounces. That's up well over 3 pounds from birth. Definitely smaller than Wells was at this age (11 pounds I think?) but she's truly chunked up over the last few weeks. 

This one just makes me laugh:

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  1. Sutton is such a cutie! I am glad that she is a good sleeper and eater for you, that is amazing! I wont lie, having a piece of my placenta breaking off creating a huge scare in the middle of my pregnancy, and the end resulting in an emergency factored into only one kid. Not the only reason, but definitely up there on the concerns tab.


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