June 3, 2022

Friday Favorites. 6/3

1. Barre workouts. For June, I'm doing a barre workout every day, if I can. I love, love, love Coach Kel. She has a subscription service but I haven't jumped onto that yet. 

2. What is a woman? If you are a Daily Wire subscriber, watch it. If you are not a DW subscriber, I seriously suggest becoming one. I don't even make super good use of my subscription (I used to watch Ben Shapiro's second hour every day and I fell out of that habit when I went back to work) but it's my one political-ish donation that I make per year. 

3. My blood pressure is back to normal. I was on medication for two months, starting about a week after Sutton was born. Two pills a day. After awhile, I cut it back to one, and then I stopped this week just to see what my bp would be without it. Last night it was 112/72. The only guidance I'd gotten from the hospital was a 6 month prescription for medication and to follow up with my PCM. That's a far cry from "we are admitting you for 3 days and, after that you have to come in for checks every few days".  Our healthcare is indeed in the "you get what you pay for category" (it's "free" so we need to consider this before championing for tax-payer-funded healthcare for everyone). 

4.  The tanks/tees I ordered all fit well and, though they are definitely cropped more than things were cropped a year ago (what IS this trend? I don't love it), they are flattering. I recommend them and I recommend ordering your usual size. 

All these cropped shirts out there made this tweet hit home. We did not wear cropped shirts in the 2000s. We wore this:

These middle schoolers and high schoolers are wearing some 1980s/1997 hybrid. 


I always talk about Oliver and Scott's always like "who?" and I'm like "that's the dog's name", pointing next door. 


  1. That frying with air - aint that the truth!
    & yep - I know more dogs names than people in my area too!

  2. I’m dying to watch that documentary! I just haven’t coughed up the money yet. There are so many things I want to see but everything is expensive for even one month.

  3. LOL to the air fryer! I'll have to check out those thanks. Everything seems more cropped this year. I am not sure why everyone pushes for free healthcare. Other counties complain about dying while they wait to be seen and stuff. I will happily pay my monthly dues and co-pays, see the doctors I want to see when I want to see them and would like to continue to have that option. Have you seen the studies on those pills that track if you take them or not. Good grief.


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