December 15, 2021

Unpopular opinions #9857

1. I can't believe moms spend so much time curating kids' books and toys for toddlers. I've tried it; then he will play with packing foam and reusable straws for 2 hours instead. I "narrate" a book to him every night before bed (I just explain the picture and he comments on it). Also, I can't find his Christmas books. At all. 

2. If you haven't tried masking like a kid, you should not get an opinion on kids wearing masks. Trust me: I see how these kids mask. They are keeping no one safe. I am not depending on children to keep me from getting sick. You definitely should not either.  'Masking like a kid' means wearing a mask for 7-8 hours straight, 5+ days a week for the last year. You get a 15 minute break for lunch. That's how teachers have to mask too, but I take my mask off when I'm alone for my prep period or for lunch and at recess. Plus, no one is going to "tell" me to pull my mask up (though, technically, they could) and I would probably welcome that discussion a little too eagerly. Kids have no agency and no advocates in this and it's heartbreaking. There are few things sadder than watching kids run around in masks at recess. 

3. Speaking of Covid, every time I have a cold, I just assume "eh, probably Covid..whatever new strain is out there" but I rarely adjust my life around it. I've had 4 colds since June. If I have a fever or chills or body aches (two of those colds), I get into bed. If I have a stuffy nose? I continue on. Like we all did for decades. I also don't know why anyone would ever take a Covid test unless they physically had to take themselves to the hospital because they were sick. Otherwise...why does it matter? By the time you're symptomatic, you've already spread it to others. I know people who keep tests on hand and test their child at every sniffle and are completely relieved if it's negative. Guys, you want your 4 year old to have it. An endemic virus means everyone gets it eventually. Most common colds are coronaviruses of some sort; they just recycle into the population. I remember learning that once you get one cold, you don't get it again. That's why we're sick when we're younger more often. Immunity takes time. 

Anyway. That's not propaganda. It's just basic facts. I feel like we've forgotten how to utilize the information we already know. 

While we're at it...

4. Your vaccination status does not substitute for a personality. It's also not the most important thing about you. Given by the profile pics on FB, one would assume it's a primary identifier.

5. Halloween should just be a kid's holiday.

6. I feel like I could easily deal with never reading a book again. Like, I'd be okay with it. 

7. Old Navy kids' clothes are trash.

8. I can't deal with The Bachelor any longer. It was a good 5-6 years, I suppose, that I enjoyed it. There's no part of me, not even deep down, that cares about Katie, Blake, Michelle, or Michelle's men. Mayyyyybbbbeeeee if Clayton's upcoming season has Jesse Palmer as the host and then he's the host from there on out, I could deal with it. Tayshia just needs to go get married* and Katelyn just needs to go away (Kaitlyn? I don't care). I used to really enjoy Bachelor Party but now Callie Curry (who has no Bachelor credentials) is practically guest-hosting every episode. Here to Make Friends (recently rebranded) is just a joke...

So, I think it was the season of Paradise this summer that did me in. There was nothing in me that could even try to care. 

*Zac Clark was the last time I felt anything for this show. There was something about him that I was just drawn to. He could probably do better than Bachelor Tayshia. Pre-Bachelor Tayshia might've been a better fit for him. 


There's my airing of grievances kind of summed up in a nutshell for 2021 I suppose. I am a fan of Festivus, for sure, but can never remember to get it together for 12/23, so I'll "celebrate" earlier in December. 


  1. I agree on all the Covid and vaccination topics. Testing 72 hours before an event is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Most testing is just a tiny snapshot. When people say they got tested before a gathering I wonder how many contacts they had after the test? I can’t handle The Bachelor anymore. You will read again but I went through the young kid stage without pleasure reading for myself.

  2. Thank you!!! Agree on almost all of your points (I still enjoy reading). Thanks for standing up and speaking out. Watching kids run around with masks on is almost horrifying to me.

    Merry Christmas. Praying for a better 2022. God has a plan for us!

  3. 100% agree on all things covid/masks/vaccine status. James is very sick right now because he has chronic sinus issues that often lead to bronchitis. We’re almost positive he’s now in pneumonia territory and no one will treat him without a negative covid test. And his doctor doesn’t have any, so he’s have to go get tested somewhere else. If we’re “following the science,” he has natural immunity and he’s fully vaccinated, so why are you so scared of him?? It’s your one job to treat him regardless of illness.

  4. I'm currently battling a cold due to all the faucets that still come daily with theirs. Of course the thoughts are covid bc that's all that going around right? 😉 I messaged my Dr, we will see what she says.

    I've recorded the Bachelorette but haven't watched. Tried and couldn't get into it. Probably will try with bachelor bc he's from stl and I know ppl popping up on it.

  5. Personally, I don't like any of Old Navy's clothes. I'm with you on your COVID opinions. Enough is enough!


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