December 21, 2021

Christmas travels pt. 1

...if you happened to be in literal downtown Louisville on Saturday night and saw an F-350 with Alaska plates towing an enclosed trailer...that was Scott. He took the *quickest* route through Kentucky (with two dogs and a toddler) and I told him he probably ended up on someone's Instagram reel. 

...he made a plan and decided that he would take Wells with him to Pennsylvania and I would drive separately by myself. He had thought out the logistics and so I went along with it. Being almost in the third trimester, my doctor told me I could travel wherever I wanted, but that I needed to stop every two hours to walk around. Scott figured this would slow him down (it would've). Wells 100% prefers traveling with Scott* so it'll be interesting if I can get him to go back with me minus wailing and gnashing of teeth next week. 

*I think it's something about free rein on the candy and snacks at the truck stops? It's probably that. 

...I was reminded of our trip to rural Maine in 2011 as I drove through the backroads of Kentucky looking for something to eat that wasn't fast food or something that also wasn't something I had to wait 45 minutes to pick up. Dark, raining, wondering what in the heck I was doing, etc. 

...since I didn't have Wells with me, I caught up on all my apologetics podcasts (i. am. a. blast) and then I moved into the backlog of Crime Junkie. I had deleted it over the summer so I might end up subscribing to Patreon so I have something to listen to on the way back. It's like, idon'tlikethem, but Ashley Flowers is a really good storyteller. 

...I also spent a lot of time while driving trying not to panic: guess how much we have ready for this baby? Correct. Nothing. I have 3 months max to get things together. That sounds like a lot of time, and it kind of is, but I feel like I live day-to-day when it comes to everything right now. (Two more months of work...) Knowing that Scott will be traveling a lot post-baby is not doing much to ease my anxiety. I'm focusing on what I *can* control: the nursery, prepping the house, diet/exercise, getting Wells ready...the things I can't control: timing, labor, delivery, recovery, Scott's schedule...So totally not big things at all, right?


  1. I swear, you guys spend more time on the road! Goodness. Hope everyone arrived safe!

  2. That's a long drive - I am glad you did what you needed to take care of you. HUGS

  3. You should’ve called me! Lol! You are brave. But, I bet that alone time was good for you. I a. Assuming this travel was for the holidays but the trailer was for stuff from Scott’s Dad’s house? I hope you have a lovely holiday. It will all come together.

  4. Best wishes on your travels back! I know car rides can be rough not pregnant, that really adds an extra layer. I know you will be ready come baby time!


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