December 13, 2021

Monday Favorites

Last week spiraled downward in such a way that there were no Friday Favorites or even Friday things. 

We ended the week sitting in the crawlspace due to a tornado warning. This was after I discovered the primary physical symptom I seem to be getting from this pregnancy is varicose veins, which is utterly horrifying. This did not happen last time.  Also, this was after I had trudged myself to Walmart after school to buy my mirror as a Christmas present and had to load and unload it myself #becauseWalmart and the Salvation Army bell ringer actually had to help me get it out the sliding exit doors. This was also after I'd had an emotionally-wrought week at school and I don't know how I'm going to keep this up for 3 more months, and after Wells had had his own emotionally-wrought week at school ("clingy and crying a lot"), and after Scott had been gone all week (and then he worked all weekend) and I'm sure the dogs are mad at me because there's not much I can do with them when it's completely dark at 4:30pm and I'm sure that's why Scout keeps peeing on the Christmas tree skirt. 


These are some good things I wanted to recommend:

To start: 

The Great British Baking Show (i.e. Bake Off): The Beginnings. This is only on Netflix for the next two weeks, so binge it now. I don't know how I missed this season that was put out a few years ago. It's the only thing that's held my interest on TV in quite awhile. When it comes to the other Bake Off seasons, I have a lot of trouble getting into the newer ones. I miss Mary Berry and I miss Mel and Sue. This season is from 2012. 

These socks

These are the only athletic socks I wear. They are thick and supportive and cushiony without feeling heavy. I found them at Costco back in 2014ish. Costco (and only Costco) always has them and I buy a new pack every year or so. This time, I bought two packs and I'm throwing away all my others. They are sufficiently worn out. 

More Costco clothes. 

I don't know what it is about Costco clothes. Their sweatshirts are unparalleled and so cheap. I got myself two over the last couple of months. I also got Scott sweatpants. This is the only one that's still on the site. It's a steal. 

Liquid IV.

I bought this for Scott last month because he was supposed to be traveling overseas and jetlag and all. He didn't go and I don't even know if he saw this in the cupboard. I've been drinking a lot of pedialyte lately in an effort to stay hydrated so I decided to try the Liquid IV instead. Guys, it tastes so much better than pedialyte. It's not super cheap (pedialyte isn't either) but it's definitely worth it if you feel you need a product like this. 

Stay tuned for my Festivus Airing of Grievances coming on Wednesday :)

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  1. We just got a sample of that Liquid IV & I think it'll be perfect for Ricky who goes 12 hours a day without drinking one cup of water!


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