November 24, 2021

WUW-Last in the Fall

What we're eating: This chicken soup. I had all the ingredients already on hand and, man, it was fantastic. I'm also making this cake to take to Thanksgiving tomorrow. I had stopped reading How Sweet Eats for years but, for some reason, this fall season I am really loving her recipes. 

Reminiscing: This is so awful and I'm so sorry but I almost kind of miss our time in Pittsburgh right now. Not for any reason in particular because it was really HARD. I'm just tired of people acting like they can't be normal and Pittsburgh was the last place we lived (holiday season 2019) where things were normal. I can't do anything fun with anyone because of the guidelines that are still in place, even in Missouri: I can't go to the gym to classes, I can't take Wells certain places, I can't do fun things with my class at school. The hoops I have to jump through just to do a parent conference is insane. All my meeting are on Zoom. It actually hurts to think about how the playgroup I used to take Wells to in Pittsburgh is still not up and running again since March 2020. Still! Here though, there's nowhere to go and not many ways to make friends because there's nothing available. My go-to used to be the gym or a mom's group...even like PWOC on base; without preschool for Wells, he'd really have no one. (not to mention that I haven't made a single friend here...I think it's also hard that I teach for *the* school district..people, I've learned, are wary. it's odd.)

Loving: Peppermint coffee creamer? 

What we've been up to: Shiplapping a wall. It's coming along....I'm going to paint it a shade of white, to match the trim. Very creative, I know, right? I just want our living room to be done enough to get the tools out of it. We are eventually going to put up a dividing wall to make a separate bedroom/office, but I need this half done for now. 

Dreading: A day full of errands? I mean, not quite really, but I do have to try and get Wells his flu shot today. And it's off to Lowe's for paint. At least I have today off work.

Working on: fitness? I am pushing myself a lot harder this pregnancy when it comes to workouts. Last time, I stuck to mostly prenatal Pilates and yoga, plus walking. This time, I'm riding the bike a few days a week, walking when I can, and I'm doing the barre collection on the Peloton app. 

Excited about: A new baby. Of course, Wells still doesn't sleep through the night, so I have Concerns. I kind of glanced around the barn at the storage baby boxes last weekend and, aside from the bottling and diapering things and the swing, I feel like we're starting from scratch and it's only been 3 years. The only thing we "need" to buy is a dresser for her. 

Watching/reading: Absolutely nothing. I can't find anything to watch and I've DNF'd four books in the last month (all very popular ones too!). The only book I've finished since August was Rock, Paper, Scissors

The only thing I watch right now is on Saturday and professional on Sunday. This year we are following the Bills pretty closely. The Steelers have turned into a great disappointment. 

But yeah, if you want to drop in a show recommendation, I'll take it. 

Listening to: I listen to the same two podcasts every day. Ben Shapiro on the way home from work, and Allie Stuckey while I'm making dinner and cleaning up and then, sometimes, Matt Walsh while driving to work in the morning. 

Wearing: Ugh. Well. I need to buy maternity clothes and I haven't actually bought any clothing since the very beginning of September. I think that was a StitchFix box. I did get a hoodie from Costco online and I love it. I was going to call it a Christmas present but I better wear it now while it fits.. I hate investing in maternity clothes but Gap is my favorite for those items...I grabbed two things over the weekend online: a sweater-ish thing and a long sleeve tee. 

Doing this weekend: Painting. Putting up a Christmas tree. I need to dedicate about 3 solid hours to grading papers as well. 

What I'm looking forward to: In the immediate? Mostly having my shiplap wall done. 

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  1. That lemon soup sounds wonderful, adding it to my list to make. I am sorry that it has been hard to make friends in your new location. Everything seems so much harder the last two years. Even down here, I don't see the mom groups and stuff meeting as much as they once were. School, dance and gymnastics have been back to normal for the most part here though. That part has been so refreshing. I actually sat and talked to some random dance moms last week while I waiting for Zoe.


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