December 3, 2021

Friday Things.

1. It's funny ("funny") the way I mentioned I was pushing myself a bit harder this pregnancy with working out: then I got sick for all of Thanksgiving break, didn't even go outside if I didn't have to, and now I feel like I'm back at the beginning. I've been pulling out the prenatal pilates this week. We'll call it Omicron, I guess. Every time I get sick, there's a new variant out and about. I was achey and tired last Wednesday, couldn't function after 4pm for like 3 days in a row, and then had a cold for a few days. All better now. What a wasted Thanksgiving break though, right?

We did get out to run some errands...

2. 24 week appointment yesterday. I feel, like, 30 weeks pregnant at this point so...probably not a good sign for productivity moving forward? {I kept forgetting to take a picture this week....a true second child}

3. This week has been the weirdest and one of the hardest in awhile when it comes to what the heck am i doing here? This podcast episode helps. It puts a lot into perspective. Knowing that I'm doing what I am supposed to be doing right now makes me feel like I'm serving a purpose that is meaningful. There's a lot of ways to be intentional and contribute to whatever you believe in. 

If you're on Twitter, Justin is a great follow. He and I probably could not be more different in many ways. Common sense in schools can bring everyone together though. 

4. Speaking of, my favorite genre online is moms who are die-hard liberals and have seen that blue state policies do not work:  

Sarah is a fantastic follow too. I love it when peoples' eyes are opened to hypocrisy. The gift of discernment is not given to everyone, you know? 


I still haven't found a good recipe. 
I make homemade mac and cheese a lot but it's never been anything mind-blowing. 

Every time we go to the dog park, this is my mentality. 

Every move and every remodeling project. I don't even feel these things anymore. ^^^

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