November 19, 2021

Friday things.

1. I am 8 meetings into a week of 10 different meetings. Parent conferences sprinkled in, all my IEPs apparently were due at once (hilarious how that happened), and diversity (side-eye) training. My available bandwidth is l.o.w. right now. Two more today...

2. I got our Christmas cards checked off the to-do list last week. I ordered from Walmart this year because there's always a chance things arrive early with Snapfish/Shutterfly/etc, but I've had multiple years where I've waited over 3 weeks to get cards shipped to me. These arrived in 3 days and they're cute and on cardstock. Cost less than $30 too. I also ordered personalized address labels (Etsy had the best deal). I used to have a personalized address stamp...I will get one if we're going to be somewhere for multiple years in a row...but I could not find one this year for less than $30. Rather, the stamp was like $14-15 and then the shipping was also $15. No. 

3.  Realized the hoodie I linked yesterday is completely sold out and it only says it was available in plus-size. I got mine in April and it's a regular size small, so it runs big. Maybe wait for spring to see if a similar one pops up? It's long, it's's perfect if you are just out and about in the fall and spring and do not want to wear real pants. It's the All in Motion brand though, so keep an eye out if you want something similar. I've never owned anything quite like it. 

(I'm wearing it again today.)

4. I'm tired of Facebook ads getting me. Now I want this. I've heard rave reviews from multiple sources in the last few months. 

5. I couldn't even find any decent memes this week! Some weeks, it's a gold mine. This week was nothing. So, I'll share that I re-upped my Peloton subscription. I *am* that person who works out while pregnant and I need a decent routine that's easy to follow and, basically, takes no brainpower. So, I can do the bike a few days a week (definitely not a real Peloton, btw) and then I'm focused in on the barre and strength training. The app really is like a one-stop shop for $13 a month. I'm such a 30-something, I know. 

I'm at the point where my upper back really starts to ache by about 7pm, so I also need to do a good 20+ minutes of prenatal yoga at night to wind down. This, I'm accepting, is just going to be how it goes for the next few months. Last time, I did yoga in the morning. Now, I'm not getting up that early, thankyouverymuch. (obviously i have more important things to do like type this)

ICYMI: 1st Trimester Recap and some weekend photos


  1. Instagram ads are always getting me. They know before I do what I want. I didn't know Walmart did holiday cards, never thought to look. I couldn't get my life together to do them this year. Maybe I will try again next year.

    1. For the last year or so, I've ordered all prints from Walmart. They're much, much quicker than Snapfish (but I really like Snapfish too).


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