November 18, 2021

Weekend photos (i won't show you the dead deer ...plural)

Last Thursday night, I heard commotion outside and it was Scott and his friend skinning a deer on a tarp in the driveway. They'd been out archery hunting and I figured they'd gotten something when they didn't come inside right away. 

Don't worry, it's roadkill, they said. 


This is not the first time that Scott and this friend have picked up a dead deer. 

That's how the weekend started, anyway. 

I had to go to work on Friday, which was a particular form of torture (i.e. professional development). 

On Saturday, we went to Bass Pro, really just to go to the aquarium, but Santa happened to be there so we tried that too. In 2019, Santa was a disaster. Last year, there were not Santas to be found that weren't behind plexiglass. This year, it went well. Aside from the fact that Wells told him he wanted a bunch of stuff that I didn't buy him and don't plan on buying him. 


The only way to keep him motivated to listen was do you want to pet the sting rays? if not, we'll just go home. 

It's $43 a person to go through the aquarium and accompanying museum. An annual membership is $75. Scott bought a membership back in September when he took Wells by himself and I bought a membership this time. Scott's has already paid for itself. Wells is free because he's under 4. I figure if we can do this one weekend a month (it's 90 minutes away), these memberships will be well worth the price. It takes a good 3 hours to go through the whole place. 
(I've realized, at this point, that there's not quite a lot to do around here so we need to find things like this.)

This is the hoodie I got last spring and everyone compliments it bc it's long enough to wear over leggings. 

Scott also came home with a deer on Friday so the weekend was spent with a dead deer hanging in the garage. 

This means that the shiplap project we began in the living room did not get finished because there was a deer that needed to be processed. Now we have a freezer full of venison and a living room full of tools and drywall. The venison may very well be Scott's Thanksgiving meal (I don't do venison) because my turkey was "unavailable" when I tried to do Walmart pick-up yesterday. We'll see if I can track one down (Let's Go, Brandon). 

What are you making for Thanksgiving? I found a few new recipes I want to try this year. 

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  1. I need more information on this hoodie that is long enough for leggings. Please and thank you.


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