November 4, 2021

Arriving in March...

...we're having a baby this spring!


Wells doesn't understand at all, but the smile was brought to you by a promised tootsie roll. 

Also, it's a girl. We're incredibly grateful that we've been blessed enough to do this all over again. This is the exact opposite of what we were told would happen 7 years ago, at this very military base. 

Jett would not leave my side while I tried to take, like, five pictures. And Scout was off digging through the remnants of the garden. That's pretty much how babyhood with Wells went so I expect nothing different from the dogs this time around.

I'll share a 1st trimester recap soon because I have been keeping track just to document. It's also fascinating to look back on. Lord only knows why I wait so long to announce these things...with Wells it was 17 weeks online and 22 weeks(!) at work. It wouldn't make a difference if I told the world at 9 weeks or if I told the world right now. I just have never been able to bring myself to announce early. 
I'm 20 weeks right now and I feel pretty good. I also haven't told anyone at school except the person I work with all day long. Our immediate family have known for a good while and we found out the gender in mid-September after a round of bloodwork. 
The short version of this pregnancy is just lots of food aversions. I'm better now, thank goodness, but it was a rough start and nothing like the easy ride I'd had with Wells. 

Anyway, details to follow!


  1. I am so, so excited for you. I was shocked when I saw your announcement! And yay for a girl!! Obviously I have no experience with boys (though they would be fun, I’m sure), but I can attest to the fact that girls are so sweet and fun. Glad you’re feeling better.

  2. Congrats again! Don't worry about when you tell people, you'll tell them when you tell them. I knew about my co-teacher's for awhile and she's just now announced it on social media.

  3. Oh my gosh - such exciting news! Congrats!!!!

  4. Congrats! That is so awesome!

  5. How exciting! Congratulations. I wish you and baby all the best.


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