November 1, 2021

Amazon lately...

After 3+ months of Wells saying he wanted to be a "scary ghost!" for Halloween, I ordered him a costume around October 1st. Nope. Then he wanted to be a bat. I asked my friend what I was supposed to do. She reaffirmed that I needed to put my foot down. I stuck a black hat on him and told him he was a ghost bat. He didn't love that. 

I got this dino set for Wells for Christmas. Not reviews from me yet, obviously, but it seemed interesting. (I ended up ordering his other presents from Target because they were having a sale over Columbus Day weekend.)

I've had pretty sensitive skin over the last few months. This deodorant is fantastic! So is any kind of lavender Aveeno body wash. This mud mask is just as great as I initially thought a few weeks ago too. I used it once or twice a week. 

My favorite cleaning spray is either the orange or parsley Ecos spray. I use it mostly on counters and appliances. The parsley has been hard to find for the last year. 

I love our new coffeemaker too. If you are in the market for a new single-serve brewer, this one is good. We've had it for just over a month. 

I bought a bunch of lightbulb-ish decorations for my classroom this year. These mini accents have students names on them. I use them for displaying work and for the job chart. ....I've gotten so many new students and so many have moved away at this point that I needed to buy more and it's the end of October. (I'm exhausted)

Other random things: Dishwasher cleaner that I couldn't find at Walmart, The Floor is Lava (which Wells must've have heard about somewhere because he's super into pretending that right now...this game is for Christmas), and an expandable colander because my collapsible one finally broke after 10+ years and I don't have time for that big metal colander nonsense. 

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  1. I might need to try that deodorant. I do like their other products. Those dinosaur toys look fun! Our Keurig keeps messing up on my caramel cappuccino cups from Aldi and its about ready to get the boot if it keeps up, I may be in the market for a new machine.

  2. A ghost bat.. .LOL... such a mom move - love it!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up. I always love Aveeno products.


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