June 8, 2021

The good...

I figure that I need to focus on the positive. I've been extremely negative lately, which isn't great for anyone. It's just been difficult. I feel like my brain is broken in a lot of ways. I have number overload and I've can't even remember our address at this point. Five addresses in three years might do that to you, I suppose. The funny thing is that Scott depends on me for my instant recall and photographic memory and I rely on him for fixing everything and making things work. Me not being able to remember addresses when asked in high-pressure situations (at the notary, for example, we may have put the wrong return address on our title paperwork...maybe) is me not holding up my end of the bargain. 

But that is me getting into "the bad". That's tomorrow, guys. 

TWO good things:

1. My vacuum arrived. 

Since I got a bonus at work, I took that as license to splurge on something I really wanted: a Dyson Stick. With the way things have been going, I more than half-expected it to show up broken or not at all. Luckily, that was not the case. 

I swore I'd never get another Dyson. We didn't love ours that we bought in 2013 and it only lasted a few years before it died and we switched to a Shark. However, we are just really hard on vacuums. Moving a lot makes your vacuum into a workhorse (and there might've been a considerable amount of drywall being sucked up that last Dyson and the subsequent Shark), especially if you do home improvements as well. 

However, for the last month, I've just not cleaned the floors because I refuse to pull out the vacuum. It's not worth it to me. Dirty floors, when you're moving, are the norm. I hate it but cleaning all of the time is pointless. So I just...stopped. Now, I told myself if I had a vacuum I could just pull out, no cord, zip around, grab the crumbs and bits of grass and dirt then maybe my floors would actually be clean. Considering that our kitchen/dining/entry is a hard floor and our living area and bedrooms are carpet, I figured I'd get the Dyson Stick that does carpet as well, and then I only have to pull out the bigger vacuum every week or so. The Dyson should be able to spot-treat carpet just fine. (Also, I'm training Wells to not eat on carpet. We'll see.)

2. The weird mole/infection I had cut off my face two weeks ago came back as benign. 

I expected it to be normal but you never know. I just want to say that I am MORE THAN GRATEFUL that I was able to take the few hours off of work twice during the last week of school to get this taken care of. It was pretty awful to look at, not to mention painful. Also, it's healing up just fine. I'm very grateful that I had an easy dermatology experience. It was shockingly easy to get into the office, get it removed, and get the results. 

The short version is that I developed a mole in high school, wanted to get it removed, was shot down on that one, and I've always hated it. Now it's gone. 

There's a few other good things, but I think I might bring back good old-fashioned Friday Favorites this week. I need to force the positivity on myself. 

Come back tomorrow for "the bad". 


  1. That meme GOT ME. Things are just *a lot* over here too.

    We got a Shark last year when our vacuum died. It’s fine, but I am so done with cords. I’m intrigued by the Dyson for our next vacuum.

  2. I love my Shark that I bought when we moved into this house. It is so good!!! But our next vacuum cleaner will be cordless. The cord is the WORST part of vacuuming.

  3. So glad that came back benign. I get so anxious about skin cancers. People dont take it seriously enough.
    I just cant make myself pay for a Dyson - they're so expensive - some people say its worth it - but ugh. I'm tight on that. But I end up paying for a new vacuum like every 2 years with all our hair & the dogs


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