June 9, 2021

...the bad...

 "Bad" is relative. It's subjective. I'm just sharing that, lately, things have been hard. I don't know if you remember Arlene from True Blood, circa 2008ish. But when she says I have a list as long as my leg!, that's how I feel all of the time while we're in a place of transition. 

First, we're in our new place with maybe 1/3 of our furniture. More than I expected us to have right now, but the rest of the furniture won't be here for a few weeks. 

Moving is expensive. All budgetary thoughts disappear when you're moving. You need to eat. You need necessities. You can think that you packed the necessities (you didn't), but there's always *something* that you will be in need of (not in *want* of...forget the wants..it's bare bones). It's not even a question of "can I afford this?"; it's "is there a way I can get out of this situation without buying this?" It's just so repetitive. We went through a whole weekend trying to cook without olive oil simply because I forgot to bring the extra bottle I bought with me across state lines and then forgot again when we were actually at the store and I wasn't going make a trip to the store for that. We still don't have coffee filters for exactly the same reason.

You never know where anything is and when you do locate new places for things (the Tylenol, the washcloths, the dog dishes, and so on), you forget those new locations immediately and it's just cyclical from there on out. Good luck. 

I can't actually remember addresses at this point. I mentioned yesterday that I think my brain is broken. It started with the Kansas move...I remember hesitating when filling out my employment paperwork for school last fall. And the zip codes. Oh my gosh. I have actually messed a couple of forms up lately. Why must every address have 5 digits in the house number AND 5 digits in the zip code? We won't even get into passwords and how that's been going lately. I used to have everything neatly written down and being out of my day-to-day routine, I've given up. 

There's a slight ant situation happening in the kitchen. We also have black countertops so I'm gonna let you guess how much longer this situation took me to figure out than it would've on white or light countertops. Today, I will be making homemade ant-killer.  

I've been posting a lot of DIY things on Instagram in the last month because we had some projects we wanted to knock out before we moved into this house, fully. If we learned anything in Colorado, it was that it's a pain to constantly shift furniture around when you're replacing floors or fixtures. Which means things get worse before they get better as a rule. This is happening right now in the garage:

Will it be lovely? Hope so. It was stressful work, getting this far. (For Scott, mostly)

I don't even want to make it seem like things are bad, because things are just "a lot" right now. I don't want to be negative. But, did Wells wake up with a bit of a fever today? Yes, yes he did. He, apparently, wants me to hold him all day long in a kitchen chair, as we have no couch. 


  1. Ahhh - poor Wells. Hope he's feeling better fast.
    I give you all the kudos on all the moves - it gives me such anxiety thinking of doing it again - & I've only moved once - LOL

  2. Moving is SO expensive!!! I hope Wells feels better ASAP!

  3. I just read the bad and the ugly all at once. You are a saint. I cannot even imagine. We hate ATT. Their customer service is beyond horrible. We had phone, internet and U verse for a long time. They do not care about existing customers. As my hub says - we fired them in November. They all know they’ve got you because we have to have internet.
    I hope things get better!

  4. I've never moved like you guys have, I've only done inner city moves and I've always though those were hard enough. I'll never forget that keith & the movers (aka my family boys) decided they'd place all the furniture but boxes and whatnot would stay in garage and we'd get those in. We'll keith decided that was my job bc I had the summer off. I got it done but we didn't have a garage for awhile!


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