May 28, 2021

I have no idea "what's happening here?" II

Well, I didn't mean to disappear all week. It's been a week

All I've done is go to work each day, try to plan out last days of school (which is very stressful because you can't forget anything), go home in the afternoon and pack boxes all evening (which is also very stressful because you can't accidentally pack something you may need). I don't *mind* the packing. It's the loading and the unloading that I can't handle (which is why I don't do it). 

Then, Monday and Thursday I ended up at the doctor. By the sheer grace of God, I got a dermatology referral and an appointment within four days of each other this week. That is quite abnormal. Basically, I begged. It's usually a 6-8 week turnaround. I had what I thought was a sebaceous cyst and I needed it taken care of, like, now. It started a few weeks ago as what I thought was just a pimple and then exploded over the weekend. The dermatologist said it was likely an obstructed hair follicle that got caught under a mole. Nice, right? He couldn't drain it because it was too hard and puss-filled, so he had to shave it all off.  If you've followed me for years, you knew I struggled with this back in Alaska. I feel like I was constantly seeking out referrals to dermatologists. 

(Hope you didn't read that while eating breakfast.)

1. I don't care what people say. The worst part of moving isn't the phone calls to utility companies, the physical labor, the good-byes, the traveling, etc. It's being without steady, predictable use of a washer and dryer. We've done this shiz too many times now. The sheer inconvenience of not being able to throw something in the washer is enough to set you off balance. The planning that it takes is mental gymnastics. 

2. I finally ordered a set of packing cubes. I used my mom's for awhile back in Pittsburgh, couldn't be bothered to buy myself $20 worth of convenience on Amazon, and now that I'm back to packing up a bag for me and Wells every weekend, I decided this needed to happen. Looking for random clothing items in a large duffel is not a timesaver. It's a top-5-most-frustrating-moment.

3. Wednesday was our anniversary. We celebrated with Thai food takeout at 4:30pm, loading up a tractor, and packing more boxes. Bed by 9pm. If I'd known that the end of May was PCS season, I'd have gone into a military marriage with a different frame of mind concerning anniversary expectations. If Scott hasn't been deployed for our anniversary, we've been in the middle of a move for almost every anniversary. 12 years!

4. Wells really wanted a "cake" when we were at the store the other night. He wanted a "box of cake", actually. I had told him we'd get popsicles but he wanted that cake mix instead. I tried to explain that we had to make it. So, I found myself making homemade frosting on Wednesday at 6:30am, so we could bake the cake after school. (I cannot abide by canned frosting. One last hurrah for the mixer before I packed it in a box, I suppose.)

He was so excited. 

Note the avalanche of stuff in the background. We had to decorate it on the (cool) stove because it was the only clear space. 

5. I am literally out of clothes. Like, I have been wearing the same 7 or so dresses on a rotation for the last several weeks. I don't want to buy more right now because it's summer soon and I don't want to, for the love of God, have to pack up more clothes. I hate most of my clothes anyway. It's a whole big thing. And a huge stressor when I'm planning out clothes for the week (see: no washer/dryer). I also pick out Wells' clothes for the entire week in advance and lay them out, underwear and socks included. I spend more time on his clothes than on mine and he also has more to work with so...

I stopped at Target yesterday since I was at the dermatologist anyway. The Shawnee, Kansas SuperTarget is the nicest Target I've ever seen, if you're ever in the area. 

I grabbed a dress, a clearance top, and a pair of shorts. I now own two of these dresses. They are fabulous. 

However, I'm off to the worst day of all: it's the last day of school so it's pajama day. 


  1. I hate my entire closet right now, so I feel you. I basically want to get rid of everything and start over. But I cant find anything in stores I like either. Its a real issue. I like Well's instance on the cake, he knows what he wants! And I am with you, canned frosting? No thanks!! I much prefer the homemade stuff. There is no comparison. Hope you guys have a great weekend! Happy anniversary!

  2. You're an awesome mommy...darn you fir posting that dress, I feel like I need it now!

  3. Hang in there...I'm so glad you got in to see a dermatologist. skin issues are no joke. Hope you have a good weekend. Thank you for your family's service to our nation.


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