April 23, 2021

Multiple thing Friday.

 1. We went to the zoo last weekend.

Among the animals on the African safari, there were a bunch of geese here and there, mingled in. Scott, the hunter who spends his winters goose-hunting, said Look, the majestic Canadian goose...as if there weren't hippos and springbok nearby. 

2. I have ordered my official transcripts more times in the last 10 years than I can even count. The price has gone up by the way. It used to be $5. Now it's $15. But every time I apply for a new license or a new job or whatever, I need to order a set.  

A couple of years ago, I got smart. I bookmarked the page: 

It had been a stressful trail of links, some broken or leading to nothing, through PSU's webpages one too many times. In 2010, it was something called eLion. That has disappeared and to find the right place to go to get transcripts had become very overwhelming.
I don't know what it says about me that I had to bookmark it. I suppose the tip I'm imparting to you is to bookmark things like this to cut down on the stress. This is probably the smartest timesaver I've come up with, to be honest.

3. Thanks for your input on Monday with the babysitter situation. I must tell you another part of the story: my friend here in Kansas told me that she probably up and quit because my house is so cold. When my friend comes over, she dresses in layers. Sorry, Karen*, 64* is where it's staying. Heat ain't free. 

So now it will become an urban legend: I will tell Wells that his first babysitter ghosted us because our house was too cold. 

*no one's real name

4. Except Scott got his second covid shot on Tuesday and he, with fever and chills, turned the heat up to 67*. That seems rational, I guess. 

In the summer, our house stays at 71*. In the winter 64/65*. What about you? 


I pinned a Leo meme once and now they won't go away.

I am not Gen X, but I also don't yell at Boomers. However, the "yeets into traffic" part is where we should all agree: if Gen Z is in charge, it's all downhill. 

I don't know why I can't stop laughing at this. I'm sorry.

Same ^

6. Finally...

I keep changing up my fonts just because: do you like bigger font or smaller font on blogs? I can't decide. 


I have big plans to get organized this weekend. I bought some filing boxes. I'm sure I'll end up taking a nap instead. 


  1. Those are some really excellent memes.

  2. Had I been your babysitter, I would like to think I would not have ghosted you, but I may have started looking for another job- the temperature in your house would make me *quite* uncomfortable. We keep the temp at 70 in the winter and I keep it at 76 in the summer (and try to remember to turn the thermometer down before my husband comes home from work). Love the memes!

    1. LOL. One time she turned it up and I didn’t care. It’s more like, when I’m in the house, I need it cooler? So that’s where I keep it. In the summer, I’d rather have a house that’s too cold than a house that’s too cold in the winter.

  3. LOL - we're opposite -w e keep our house in winter around 65 - 67 if its really cold - & during summer, we keep it around 71.
    I love you told him she ghosted because the house was cold - HAHA

  4. Our temps are in the same range.
    Yay for interviewing - I've actually been getting calls myself, yay!

  5. 66 in winter here. Sometimes 67. Usually I just put on another layer or make hot tea if I’m cold. (Still virtual teaching so always home).
    Summer: 74-75 during the day and 70 at night.

  6. I'm laughing at the geese in Africa at the zoo because we commented on them on our 1st and only visit. I'm like are these African Geese. LOL

    When we lived in IL our heat was at 64/65 and our AC at 76. Here in FL we do 68 for heat (it comes from the ceiling instead of the floor so even 68 is still a little chilly when it first kicks on) and 76 for AC (which is cool when you consider how hot it is outside).

  7. We usually keep the heat at 68 in the winter and the AC at like 74-76 in the summer during the day because it gets up to the 90-100s here for months at a time. And then at night we bump it down to like 68-70 so we can sleep. We like it cold when we sleep. LOL the pharmacy is quite extra with their time to grab something off a shelf for you.


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