April 21, 2021

What are your superlatives? (a survey of sorts)

(Super coincidentally, we went to BWW last night.) 

I had to fill out a form the other day and it was the typical thing they give teachers...what's your favorite: drink, candy, snack, gum, place to eat, place to shop, etc...etc. etc....

I can't even remember everything on the list. 

And, honestly, when you're confronted with a list like that in real time and asked to fill it out, it's a struggle. It's like suddenly your mind goes blank. 

For example: favorite candy. 

I don't have one. So I look like some sort of weirdo not putting anything down. My favorite candy is candy corn but I'm not admitting that. I did it once on one of these forms and the counselor tracked down Valentine's Day candy corn to thank me for doing her a favor in February. 

Seriously awkward, but still one of the nicest things someone has ever done for me.  

I will eat candy if it's in front of me, but I don't seek it out and can't pick a favorite from the normie candy you see in the checkout line. 


Drink from Sonic (yes, it's the midwest so this was definitely a question): Cherry Limeaide. That's easy.

Favorite Bath and Body Works Scent: WTH? Um...when confronted with this random question, the only words that pop into my head are "warm vanilla sugar" and "plumeria" but those are both scents I hate. How am I supposed to remember the running list of BBW scents? 

I put nothing, so as to also make myself look like a weirdo.

Dream school supply: mmmmmmmhmmmm Well, I don't have my own classroom, so it doesn't matter, but I like colorful Expos and I like colorful post-its. I should've put Mr. Sketch markers, though. Those are expensive. What I want is an Erin Condren teacher planner but that'll have to wait because I have no use for it yet.

Favorite cookie: Again...I don't have one? I like Oreos. But I spend a huge amount of time telling myself not to buy them, so I certainly don't need someone else buying them for me.

Favorite snack: Well. That depends on what I'm in the mood for. How am I supposed to just ...pick?

Favorite cake: Um. I don't know what this means. There's too many options out there. Any cake can be good! I don't have a ride-or-die preference. 

Favorite Starbucks drink: I put iced caramel latte because, yeah, that's a great one to break up a school day if someone is offering. I don't go to SB much anymore though. 

Favorite place to eat: Locally, my favorite is Buffalo Wild Wings because I'm pretty classy. I will always maintain that there's nothing like a plate of spicy boneless wings with a draft Coors Light. But, honestly, are they BUYING me a giftcard to a restaurant? Probably not. I also put "Thai food" because I love Thai food but haven't tried the local places. We've been too busy getting B-dubs takeout on Thursdays, I guess. 

Albuquerque, 2017

I think my issue with questionnaires like this is that I take my superlatives seriously. It's part of a reason why I have a blog. I like knowing what I like and I like talking about it. Specificity and knowing who you are is important. I can't randomly write down "anything chocolate!" (when I don't even like chocolate that much, btw) or something. 

Thoughts? What are your superlatives? 


  1. Wait, this is a standard thing for teachers to complete? Why? I don't understand!
    My favourite chocolate is Galaxy (also known as Dove on some countries) which is a weird thing to admit when I live in the land of chocolate and how dare I not name a Swiss brand!
    I NEVER go to Starbucks. If someone asked me that I would probably just stare at them. But nobody here would ask that. Switzerland has Starbucks (like everywhere) but plenty of people don't go there.

  2. Cherry Limeade 4 LIFE. and I actually WISH we had a BWW locally. Classy over here too. Also, bath & body works? I don't need lotion that smells like food, but I do love their candles - champagne toast is the BEST.

  3. I can't wait to see what they surprise you with for teacher week!

  4. I hate these things too. I like doing the secret Santa stuff, but I'm so picky so I have to really think about what I put as I don't just want crap. My person this year did really good and she was new to our school.

  5. I hate these things too. I like doing the secret Santa stuff, but I'm so picky so I have to really think about what I put as I don't just want crap. My person this year did really good and she was new to our school.


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