April 19, 2021

Things that bother me

1. The situation with our former babysitter.  I hatehatehate when people air dirty laundry online. I don't want to be that person. I just feel so let down and disappointed. This is a true Tyra Banks we-were-rooting-for-you situation. Like, why? Why? 

The last I heard, she had a medical emergency and that was over a month ago. I haven't heard from her since. Her husband gave me one update and never got back to me again. One would assume that if you are alive and well, you have your phone. I've heard nothing from her. Nothing. (and yes, I've checked the obits, which seems ridiculously gruesome to have to do)

Insofar as this affects us, we found alternate childcare and it's probably better and cheaper, truth be told. But still. It was a scramble. It was incredibly stressful. I definitely tossed around the idea of quitting my job but I was in the middle of a long-term sub position and that seemed incredibly unfair to many levels of people and the ripples of who would be affected were multiple. 
Luckily, I had a generous friend of a friend who was able to watch him for a few days with the other toddlers she cares for, and then I had spring break, and then I had my mom who was willing to fly out for a week if needed (like, if things got dire). We also had a friend visiting who stayed a whole extra week to take care of Wells for us. Then Wells was able to start at a small school-like daycare where he is learning so much. 

But this this just my point: SO MUCH has happened in the last month+ and still...no news from the old sitter. 

If this all seems vague to you, that's because it is. It's vague to me too. My feelings on it are even vague. The more time passes, the more annoyed I become. That's the only explanation for what I feel. I'm not sad. I'm not mad. I'm annoyed. How do you get over "annoyed"? I wasn't annoyed at first. It grows as time passes and I don't like that. 
(I have always had a very touch and go relationship with the idea of childcare altogether, so that's really a whole other story.)

Moving on...

2. New seasons of Bosch and Better Call Saul have yet to appear on streaming services in 2021 and I am angry about it. All I want is more of these shows. That's it. That's probably the number one thing that's bothering me. 

3. But also...When you have a spray bottle and the nozzle keeps jamming. There are few things more frustrating in day to day life at home, to be honest. 

4. And...Goodreads and their glitches. I don't think it's too much to ask to have a computer system track my books for me correctly. It's 2021. 

5. Plus...I had a 5-pack of masks from Athleta. That's it. I refuse to buy more. I lost one. I have no idea where the maroon mask went. Having only 4 really puts a crimp in a 5-day work week. 

What's something that's been bothering you lately?


  1. Your childcare issues sound super stressful. I know the scramble to find care stress. We had a family member babysit for us and we found out she was STEALING from us. The monetary value of the items she took wasn´t a lot but still. It was such a stressful time for us. We found a new sitter whom we loved but when she had to quit on us unexpectedly, I quit my job. It was an ideal time for me to quit- I understand where you are at where you feel you would let a lot of people down if you were to quit. Childcare is tough stuff!! Regarding masks, I am with you in refusing to buy more. I have spent zero dollars on masks for me- we were kindly offered some when walking around a college town (outside) maskless and my husband brought home a couple from his work place. We have purchased about four masks for my daughter who is in school and has to wear one every day in school but it is my goal for those to be the only ones we purchase :).

  2. Unfortunately, ghosting is so common now..even for a babysitter. I'm sorry that happened!
    I think its the way of the world now. Ugh!


  3. Its probably a good thing to just have that babysitter out of your life.
    My masks always just disappear too... & then I find them in teh strangest places.

  4. As weird as it sounds, I check the obits a lot for people, especially clients we haven't heard from in ages. I personally would think I'd follow up with the people I left but that's just me.

  5. I have had situations where I hear something has happened and whatever the case may be this person can't do what they said they were going to, but that they would update me. And then...they never did. It is so frustrating.


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