March 26, 2021

Multiple Things Friday 3/26

1. Yep. That's me. Still wearing a winter coat, scarf, and boots. Maybe I expect too much.
I wanted to show you this outfit, but not enough to stand outside in the cold for more than .003 seconds. 

2. Since finishing Dr. Foster last week, I haven't found a single thing that I really want to watch. I did watch The Last Blockbuster over the weekend though. It was interesting enough. Obviously video rentals were part of my culture growing up, but we didn't have a Blockbuster in my town, just a mom and pop rental place. 

My first Blockbuster experience was in 2010(!) when we lived in Alaska. We had one in Eagle River and they were going out of business all of that year, so they were selling their movies. We bought many DVDs of our favorites for $5 a piece. 

Then streaming really came along by the time we got to Missouri (it wasn't a thing in Alaska at that point because internet was crazy expensive there so we got Netflix mailed from 2010-2013) and we lost our DVD players somewhere between Colorado and Pittsburgh in 2018 (seriously, no idea where they are) and we haven't watched a movie via DVD since. 

If you want a shot of nostalgia, watch The Last Blockbuster (Netflix). It seems so archaic now. 

Speaking of archaic...

3. I know this is a tired meme at this point ^^^, but you will have to shave the side part off my head if you want me to get rid of it.  Speaking of...I'm due for highlights and a cut. It's been awhile. 

4. There is a gang of dogs that roams the neighborhood. They literally (LITERALLY) belong to the local animal control guy. His truck sits in their driveway down the road. Wrap your mind around that. 

It is beyond frustrating. Who the *bleep* do you call about this?

We can't let the dogs out when the male St. Bernard is around. The female is the sweetest though. We don't mind when she comes over alone. 

5. I will be making this tweet into a t-shirt. Lemme know if you want one. 

Bethany Mandel is a fantastic follow if you are a mom with young kids, btw. 

6. Sometimes I forget what funny pins I've already shared. It's a problem. 

ICYMI: My state of mind, Beef Barley Vegetable Soup, and the items I've added to my wardrobe so far in 2021.


  1. I love Bethany Mandel. She gets it. Idk why but I’m crying over the rotisserie chicken meme.

  2. How does the animal control dude not control his dogs? That is messed up! You guys need to make your way further south, it is 70 here today. Don't mind the tornadoes we have every week....

  3. You found some funny ones! That is frustrating about the dogs. People suck! Lol!

  4. While the dog situation stinks, I grew up with St Bernards and they are the most loveable creatures. Granted we only had females so I could be biased, ha!

  5. We had two nice weeks, but it's cold again now. We are expecting snow tomorrow! I really, really enjoyed Dr. Foster too.


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