March 22, 2021

Weekend Photos


I won't dare say it was a "nice and productive" weekend because it was kind of a ball of stress thrown into a washer and then the dryer, if you want a visual. 

We did have decent weather and time with friends, so not a total wash. We hiked. We grilled. (We did not nap.)

I don't know why I feel like such a downer right now? I'm just apprehensive about what comes next, I guess. 
We have a friend staying with us and he is graciously watching Wells this week (we're paying him) and then Wells starts at a preschool-oriented daycare next week, for the rest of the school year. 
We're trying to house-hunt from afar. 
I'm thinking about if/how/what/where work for me will look like next year. 
I'm trying to just find peace in the little things, but in these seasons of "unsure", it's hard. 

And I know all y'all are like wait, didn't you just move like twice? Well, yes. 

These last three years have been intentionally difficult in the moving-often department. As in, we chose this and that's fine.
Scott took an option to get a second Masters in 2017, which took us to Wyoming for 16 months. Then, that was to be followed by working for the Corps of Engineers for 18 months, which took us to Pittsburgh. And that was followed by CGSC, a course for Majors, which brought us to Kansas for 12 months. 
Our NEXT location should be 3ish years. Hallelujah. 

Anywho. That's my explanation of my current mood. 


  1. That would be really hard! Let yourself feel it! Good luck house hunting from afar! Would fully vaccinated grandparents watch Wells so you can go look at houses when time comes? I think you have thrived with subbing and Wells will enjoy the preschool in your new area. It’s just hard from afar. So glad you have your friend helping this week and a plan for next.

  2. I cant imagine moving so much like that, especially state to state. Our move in 2019 20 minutes away was tough lol. I am glad you guys got a child care option figured out. I hope that took some of the stress away!

  3. I can only imagine ... I'm not good with the "unsure". Hang in there.

  4. That is a lot to process! Hang in there!


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