March 25, 2021

Wardrobe Additions, January thru March

I tried to think of a catchy title. I could not. 

Basically, I try at the beginning of most years to be intentional with what I buy when it comes to clothes and shoes and then it all falls apart when I see the summer stuff 'round March or April. 

This year, I've actually kept a list. 

I've decided, given that it's boredom or whatever, to track clothing purchases this year. I've really zeroed in on using my closet efficiently; wearing everything once to work before repeating. and I'm about halfway through. I'm interested to see how much of what I have for "spring" will actually be worn. It's been a few springs since I've dressed for work each day. 

Wrapping up the first quarter of 2021, since I am a first-worlder with lots of time to think, here is what I bought and why:

Align leggings: This was a birthday gift from me to me. I will say they 100% live up to the hype. They don't fall down and you kind of forget you are wearing them. I don't wear them around the house, per se, but they are great for under tunics/long shirts when out and about. They are not for winter weather, though. Definitely not. So buying them in the winter and expecting to wear them outside is not something you should do (don't be like me). They are warm-weather/indoor pants for sure. (seriously)

Turtleneck: I bought a Target turtleneck because one can never have enough high-necked long sleeve shirts. I've gotten a lot of wear out of it this winter. 

A few springy Old Navy basics: a tee, some tanks for layering, and a pair of joggers that can also be worn to work. 

New sneakers: "They" say you should get new athletic shoes every year. I wear them a lot to walk dogs, to hike, out on errands, etc. They are generally my go-to shoes. Last year, I struggled finding any I liked and got Nikes in November 2019. I got new ones recently mostly because I've worn a hole in the Nikes and the cushion is pretty worn....I still can wear them for outside chores and walks but they don't work on our stationery bike anymore. I had a few Nordstrom gift cards, so I got these and spent about $20. 

Universal Thread dress: while Target has been a crapshoot in-store recently with clothing (seriously, go away Wild Fable), I was grabbing some Easter basket goodies online for Wells and came across this dress. It's adorable. I got my regular size and I feel like it's a bit big/loose but the length and tunic look might be okay with wedges. Plus, these things always shrink just a little. 

Thoughts? They don't have it in-store so I'd have to do an online exchange and maybe get a dress that ends up being too short in return. 

I don't usually pay full-price if I can help it, but dresses like this are indispensable almost year-round.


I almost grabbed a zip-up from Walmart the other day but, while I loved the length, they didn't have the color I wanted (I wanted light gray, they had dark only in my size) and I do not like the circular zipper pull. I can't find it online. Maybe it's only in-store. I know it's only $9, and maybe I'm being ridiculous but this is how it starts and how clothes I've worn once end up in the donate box. 

Then, upon a trip to to grab Wells some cheap sneakers, I came across this zip-up, which is exactly what I wanted, albeit full price. 

And I grabbed this sleeveless dress

Why does Wells get cheap sneakers? Because I already bought him his nice, new, and kind of expensive for a 2-year-old spring/summer shoes. Last year, he lived in Natives and sandals. He never put on actual sneakers so I didn't want to spend $30+ on sneakers he might not even get to wear before fall, and would subsequently grow out of. I never realized kids' shoe-buying had such strategy to it. 

What's your must-buy for spring?


  1. Sounds like you had numerous great finds!

  2. I like your new sneakers. & yahoo for gift cads.
    I LOVE that dress ... those sleeves are super cute

  3. That dress is really pretty, I like the length of the sleeves because it really can be worn anytime. Zoe lives in Natives when she is in school. She cant wear open toe shoes to school so they work perfectly!


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